The Alim V.6 (Latest Version)

The Alim V.6 (Latest Version)
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The Alim V.6 (Latest Version)

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24x20x4 cm / 9.45x7.87 inches
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The Alim is a unique and exciting educational software product that makes learning about Islam fun and interesting for the whole family! Experience the wonder of the Quran and Hadith without spending hours poring through thousands of pages in dozens of books.

Quickly go to any book, any subject, any page in seconds and with only a few mouse clicks. Search for any word, phrase, person, hadith narrator, subject, or idea and acquire Islamic knowledge easily. The Alim is an indispensable tool that no Muslim family should be without.

NEW Features in Alim 6.0:

Full Arabic Script
Quran Recitation-Abdul Basit
English Recitation of Quran Translation
Arabic Search
M. Asad Translation
M. Asad Commentary
F. Malik Translation
F. Malik Surah Intro.
Surah Themes
Arabic Recitation of Duas
Video Islam: A Closer Look
Video How to Perform Hajj (90 min.)
3-D Animated Walk-through of Mecca Haram
Discover Islam Poster Collection
Combined Narrators Index
Khalifa Abu Bakr
Khalifa Umar
Khalifa Uthman
Khalifa Ali
All Prophets in Quran
Muslim Scientists
Combined Subjects (over 50,000 topics)
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An excellent piece of software
3/20/2005 4:55:18 PM
review by:
The Alim is an excellent piece of software with a nice interface and good search capability. Highly recommended.

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

None of the Alim 6.0 audio files will work on my windows xp laptop or PC.
By Malik Hassan on 30.03.2012
do you sell alim softwares with credit card
By raheem on 29.06.2004
Yes, you may purchase online using your credit card.
By Customer Services on 30.06.2004
do you sell alim softwares with credit card
By raheem on 29.06.2004
does alim works in vista
By Abubakar Sadiq on 28.12.2009
Unfortunately, it does not work in vista
By Customer Services on 29.12.2009
where can i get to the latest version of Alim software. I live in LAGOS, NIGERIA, West Africa.
By Adelakun Ibraheem on 28.11.2011
Why won't my version of ALIM work with windows 7
By Mamun Rashied on 28.08.2011
do you guys have alim 6.0 for Mac Operating System?
By Salim Jaffer on 27.12.2004
As far as I am aware I don't believe there is a Mac version available, at least not in the UK.
By Customer Services on 29.12.2004
Assalamu alaikum I had purchased the Alim software and it worked fine with my old computer, but the new one is a 64 bit with 64 bit Operating System, but Alim doesn't work on it. Is there a 64bit version of Alim Software? I get the following messagte: "The program or feature "\??\G:\Setup.exe" cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows. Please contact teh software vendor to ask if a 64-bit Windows compatible version is available." wassalamu aliakum Faisal
By Faisal Qureshi on 27.06.2009
Please send an email to the company which should be on the back of the box or visit there website to see if they have and upgrade.
By Customer Services on 29.06.2009
What is the position of using hair attachment, nails for muslim women? I want an Ayah or authentic Hadith to backup. thank you.
By Fatima kachallah on 27.04.2011
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to or
By Customer Services on 28.04.2011
How can i get an Alim CD
By Mohammed Abdulai B on 27.04.2010
Unfortunately, the item is out of stock. If you want to buy anything from simplyislam, you just have to make your account on
By Customer Services on 28.04.2010
Salaam. I am interested in buying the Alim. But don't know if it is a Arabic version or asian version of quran Can you send me a page of the quran so that I can be happy that I will be able to read it. I am a pakistani hence need an asian version. Wasalaam.
By Tajamal Shah on 27.02.2006
This has the middle eastern script. The Islamic Scholar Professinal ecode 30003 has both Asian and Middle easter script.
By Customer Services on 27.02.2006
Please inform me Alim 6.0 is available to buy in Sri Lanka
By Saajith on 26.10.2005
Sorry, we have no knowledge of the market in Sri Lanka.
By Customer Services on 26.10.2005
Hi. I have an Alim6 that I bought about 12 year ago. It worled finein my older computer, but now that the old computer is gone, I'd like to istall it in my new computer. But I always failed. I tried looking for the customer service or technical support of Alim in the internet, but the only onle one I got bounced back to me. I don not have the box anymore, so can't read any info there. Do you have their tech suport email. It;s too far/expensive for me to call from here to the states. So I prefer an email addy, please. Thank you.
By ida sitompul on 26.09.2010
assalamualikum! hope you will help me am staying at the far end of the world FIJI ISLANDS am working since in urdu to english translation and i need your alim for windows. pliz help me i face difficulities.
By muhammed Ansar on 26.05.2009
is this The Alim V.6 (Latest Version) software runs on win 8
By Hussain on 25.06.2016
Assalamu Alaikum brother/sister, I like to know which of the following Software can operate on Windows XP Professional X64Edition: -The Alim V.6 (Latest Version) -The Islamic Scholar -The Islamic Scholar Professional (Latest Version) -Al-Ustaadh: Deluxe (Latest Version) -Al-Qari Plus Finally I like to know if all of them have the Pakistani Script. Kind Regards Brother Adnaan Ajadeen Wassalamoe aleykoem
By W.A. Ajadeen on 25.06.2006
Everything apart from the Islamic Scholar will work on XP. Only the following 2 packages have Pakistani script: The Islamic Scholar Professional Al-Ustaadh: Deluxe
By Customer Services on 26.06.2006
pls i want to ask question how to download alim islamic software pls send me reply am waiting for your reply pls.
By NURA BELLO on 24.12.2004
How can I install this software on windows vista. This software runs on windows xp but not on windows vista. How can I resolve this problem
By Shahan on 24.01.2012
Is there any registered sale point for Alim 6.0 version in Nigeria
By Abd Jelili on 23.08.2009
Not that we are aware of.
By Customer Services on 25.08.2009
Assalamu alaikum. My Alim does not play in windows 7. What do I do? Is there a version compatible with win7 that I can buy? If yes, then which version.
By Idrissa Djibo on 23.07.2010
how can i make the Alim recite on Vista or even Windows 7 ?
By Idris Yakubu on 22.03.2010
Does this software play with Windows XP? I bought Alim on Ebay and the seller claimed it was compatible with Windows XP. It was not. In fact it was an old version that I already had. I really don't want to repeat that experience.
By Karen English on 22.01.2006
This is the latest version that is compatible with Win XP.
By Customer Services on 23.01.2006
Pls can still get ALIM
By Bashirudeen lawal on 21.12.2019
By Customer Services on 22.12.2019
Please let me know where i can find in UAE, so it will be useful to procure.
By Imran Khan on 21.12.2010
Is the Alim software v.6 or latest available for i-mate pocket PC
By Ahmed Buhaid on 21.05.2004
Yes, I beleive it is, but I am afraid we do not carry it try this URL -
By Customer Services on 21.05.2004
I purchased Alim V6 (10/11 years from now) from America. I used to read the Quran on my laptop, since then. Now, I have purchased a new laptop, but unable to install from the CD. It says to contact the software owner for 64 bit version. Please suggest if there is any way to download the 64 bit version software ? I reside in Bangladesh, 64 bit version is not available here.
By Mirza Taher on 21.03.2012
I am intending to buy Aalim or Islamic Scholar Professional software shortly. Is it possible that I set up this sofware on my hard disk and run it without CD? I will be much obliged if you response to my this question as I have seen many software do not offer all options if they are run without CD.
By Arshad Ali on 20.12.2005
No, the softwares have to be installed and the disc is also required in the CD-Drive.
By Customer Services on 20.12.2005
Salaam! Dear Sir, I request to you pleas, you solve my problem. sir i am very confused this problem and i am in the tanshan , how i celebrate first night with my wife......... So! pleas to you send me in Urdu language OR send me proper website in Urdu... I shall be very thank full to you. Regard, Muhammad Asghar Email:
By Muhammad Asghar on 20.07.2012
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to or
By Customer Services on 20.07.2012
By Idris Mohammed on 20.07.2011
Please refer to the manufacturers details. You should find these on the box.
By Customer Services on 21.07.2011
I have Al-Ustaadh PC software that worked fine with my Windows XP, but I cannot load it on Windows 7. Is their an installation file that can be used to install it. I have written to Par Excellence but never receive a response. It would be unfair to purchase pacifically the upgrade.
By Zahid on 19.09.2015
Salaam. Which one is better, Alim software or Islamic Scholar professional? Wassalam.
By Haq on 18.10.2005
The Islamic Scholar Pro is a generation newer then the Alim and so we have found the IS pro to be the better product
By Customer Services on 19.10.2005
Do you sell the older version of winalim (I believe is v4.51). Can you get it?
By Abduraheem on 18.09.2009
Unfortunately this product is no longer available.
By Customer Services on 19.09.2009
As Salaamualaikum i had been using Alim 6.0 on windows xp and alhamdulillah it was working fine, but when i tried it running with windows 7, its not working, please help. Please forward the remedy to Jazakallah Sarosh
By Sarosh on 18.04.2012
Salamualikum, have purchased a new computer which runs windows Visa I installed alim 0.6 it installed correctly but there is no sound on previous windows when ever there is a issue of sound i used to update media player but with this one i do not know what to do . if there is a compatibility issue with windows Vista what should be done ? Thanks.
By Zubair on 18.03.2009
I don't think Alim is compatible with windows vista, but you could try the windows compatibility setting for the application.
By Customer Services on 19.03.2009
I have an Alim 4.51. How does this differ from Alim 6.0? Is it possible to upgrade from the Alim I have to Alim 6.0? Several weeks ago I put in an order for an upgrade and asked that I be contacted. I have not been contacted. I also tried to call the numbers on the site, but the numbers were not operating. I am a returning customer. Thank you.
By Dr. Walter Wagner on 17.12.2005
I am afraid we have never sold the previous versions of the Alim and therefore cannot comment from experience on the difference between the two. We have no request on file for an upgrade, but there is no upgrade path from previous version to v.6
By Customer Services on 19.12.2005
Assalam Aleikum, Does Alim 6.0 work on Windows XP
By Salim Ahmed on 17.11.2005
Yes, it works with Windows XP
By Customer Services on 18.11.2005
Can you please tell me who manufactures this item. Have they a website? If not, is it possible to get in touch with them through some other means? Thank you
By TP on 17.10.2003
Please find a link to the manufacturers website and full features:
By Customer Services on 17.10.2003
as a muslim plse i need this in my house to expand myknowledge
By sqnldr oladoyin.o on 16.10.2006
Is The Alim is avabile in India
By Imtiyaz on 16.01.2010
i have 6.2 version of alim but it is not running in vista 32 bit or in windows 7 what to do
By tahir yousuf rather on 15.12.2009
It is not designed to run on Vista or windows 7
By Customer Services on 16.12.2009
I am a Nigerian interested in your, The Alim V.6 please how do i get one
By Bello Abdulazeez on 15.10.2003
I am afraid we do not accept credit card orders from Nigeria. You would need to deposit the money into our account via Telegraphic Transfer. Please see for more information.
By Customer Services on 16.10.2003
Is the Alim compatable with the Apple Mac?
By Isa Beaumont on 15.06.2011
Unfortunately we do not stock this item.
By Customer Services on 16.06.2011
does it support window vista coz the one i have is old version n it does not suport so please let me know which alim version or if theres latest one thats supports vista. thank you
By said on 14.11.2008
This version has been out for some years now, it may or may not work in Vista.
By Customer Services on 15.11.2008
Is it available in pocket PC or palm version
By Zubair Hassan on 13.12.2003
how can I get your alim software. I live in Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria
By Ibrahim Atofarati on 13.09.2008
I have alim 6 CD and i am trying to install it on my new laptop. It is showing me an error that Alim is 32bit software and cannot be run on 64bit operating system. Whereas there are many 32bit softwares running successfully on my laptop. And why Alim is not running. Kindly answer very precisely so that i can understand that it runs or not. Thanks in advance
By jack on 13.08.2010
Salam, Sir I need to Purchase Al Alim with Seerah AL Nabi and COmpaniouns of Prophet saw. and Quran and Hadith, i am in riyadh i dont have credit care. please guide me from where can i get it salam Nayyar
By Nayyar Kamil on 13.06.2010
Unfortunately, the current item is out of stock.
By Customer Services on 14.06.2010
Sir, I am a Muslim living in Pakistan-Karachi. My name is Shahan Ahmed khan, age 23, male. I wanted to ask a question regarding the dealership of your softwares and other materials. Is any of your dealer exist in Pakistan-Karachi. Incase, if there is any dealer than please inform me as soon as possible. Yours truly,
By Shahan Ahmed Khan on 13.06.2009
We are only a retail shop and do not own the rights to the products we sell.
By Customer Services on 15.06.2009
I'm having problem playing the audio on Windows 7. I get an error message "file extension .rm does not match the file format ". Please suggest a soluation. Thanks
By Tanvir on 12.09.2010
Is this compartible with Window 7?
By Waheed on 12.08.2011
No, and it is no longer available.
By Customer Services on 13.08.2011
Is this compartible with Window 7?
By Waheed on 12.08.2011
assalamu alaikum brother/sister i would like to ask if you can play this on windows xp and if this software is similar to studying alim at a madressa or school for 5/6 years. i hope hearing from you soon. jazakallah. wa'alaikumu salam
By islamicgirl on 12.04.2006
Yes, it works on XP, but I beleive a more suitable product for you would be Al-Ustaadh Deluxe: Al-Ustaadh: Deluxe (Latest Version) eCode # 52781 54.99
By Customer Services on 13.04.2006
can i get a copy of THE ALIM free. iam student but i really inerested in reading ALLAH CD. thank you
By lubna fathimath on 11.11.2005
I am a new convert and read the Quran in English, but want to learn more about Arabic pronunciation. I am a little lost at the moment in the vast amount of information I want to learn!!! Which of the 2 packages do you think would be best??
By sam on 11.10.2006
The islamic scholar is a good choice and the alim software.
By Customer Services on 12.10.2006
Salaaam Dear my question is that i install the alim 6 on vista 32 bit operaing system, whole software is working fine except only one that is recitation of quran does not work in vista 32 bit/64 bit i have also upgraded the windows media component but still it does not play the sound in vista OS can you please me. as i have changed the platform to vista 32 and i need this alim software to play sound, as i have to listen recitation daily early morning to make myself pure and start everyday with the recitation of beautiful verses i have to make talafuz of quran correct. thank you allah blessings shower on yu wasalaaaaaaaaam..
By tahir yousuf rather on 11.08.2009
Unfortunately we do not have any technical knowledge regarding this product.
By Customer Services on 12.08.2009
what is the price of the alim in US-Dollars? also do you do international sales?
By Ahmad Nabi Faqiri on 10.06.2003
The price is US $97.43. We ship worldwide.
By Customer Services on 11.06.2003
Please could you tell me if Alim V.6 works on Windows XP Professional.
By Habib on 10.03.2004
I have done a search on the Internet for any incompatibilities between the Alim and Windows XP professional and there is nothing there. I have e-mailed the publishers and am waiting for a response. I have been unable to get the distributors on the phone, but will keep trying.
By Customer Services on 11.03.2004
Pls, find solution to the windows media player to run on Vista and windows 7. Or just design the Alim v.6.1... Regards from Nigeria
By Munir on 09.11.2010
Salam Brothers/Sisters, I have found a way to get this working on later versions of Windows 64 bit. You will need to use a piece of software called VMWare which essentially is a virtual machine (i.e. a PC within a PC). Once you have this installed you will then need to install Windows XP within this new virtual environment. Once yu have your new Windows XP installed and working then you can install Alim v6 here and use it as before. You will need to download VMWare Workstation from their official website: www. Hope this helps,this is such a great CD and a very valuable source of knowledge. Also have a look at: www. (without the gaps)
By Faisel on 09.10.2011
Asalaamualaikum. I wanted to know if this software also teaches how to recite the Qur'an with tajweed.
By Samia on 09.08.2005
Asalaamualaikum. I wanted to know if this software also teaches how to recite the Qur'an with tajweed.
By Samia on 09.08.2005
No it doesn't, but we have the Al-Ustaadh that also includes a full course on how to recite the Quran, but not with tajweed. Al-Ustaadh: Deluxe Version eCode # 52781 59.95
By Customer Services on 09.08.2005
Asalualikom! recently I have purchased a new computer which runs windows Visa I installed alim 0.6 it installed correctly but there is no sound on previous windows when ever there is a issue of sound i used to update media player but with this one i do not know what to do . if there is a compatibility issue with windows Vista what should be done ? I need your help thank you Mohammad Shafi
By Mohammd Shafi on 09.03.2007
If you can contact the actual maunfacture of the product and see if they have any upload to update the Alim. As we are not aware if this product is compatible with vista.
By Customer Services on 09.03.2007
How is ALIM v6 different from ILM- In Search of Divine Knowledge, which is currently being marketed by ?
By Faiz Hussain on 09.03.2006
They are completely different packages made by 2 different software houses.
By Customer Services on 10.03.2006
pls help me on how to use Alim with my vista, its not playing audio files (No sound)
By Sani Gaya on 08.11.2009
Thsi product is not supported on Vista.
By Customer Services on 09.11.2009
assalaamu alikum... it is preferable if we include all sorts of books written by all the imams in different madhhabs , and all other books written by the several scholars ,thabien, etc (in english). may Allah forgive our sins and make us in heaven.
By moinudeen on 08.10.2006
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to
By Customer Services on 09.10.2006
Salam! Please i would like to have the complete Quranic recitation with english translation, how do i go about it? if possible to download it on my computer. Maassalam.
By Hafsatu Adamu on 08.09.2009
Thank you for youe e-mail. It is possible that I have misunderstood the general ease with which one can upgrade Media Player - but it is also the case that I am experiencing problems. This is because my home computer is not connected to the internet. I have access to the net at my local library, where I am now, but I do not think that I am able to download the required upgrade here at the public library and take it home on a floppy disk. Yesterday I bought a disk for a nominal price at a computer shop and which was meant to supply me with the upgrade I need, but I am still without success. In any case I shall be taking my computer in to this shop so that they can install for me the arabic alphabet support file. I have precise details of the file which is needed so I am hopeful of success. If you know details of the file I need to ugrade Media Player it might be helpful for me to Know such details when I take my computer in to the shop,please. I have Windows 2000 Professional. In any case, I hope that I shall be your customer in the future (inshAllah).
By David Payne on 08.06.2004
Ah, yes, if you are not connected to the Internet from that computer then it will be a problem, but I have done a quick serach on the internet and found a full version available for download on this page:
By Customer Services on 08.06.2004
How to download the al alim software for free any one please answer my quetion
By shaikh aziz on 08.05.2010
Does the software contain any photographs or pictures of men/women or animals? Jazakallah
By Mohammed-Yaaseen on 07.06.2005
No, it does not.
By Customer Services on 08.06.2005
I leaved in Nigeria a West African Country, can you please kindly tell me howdo I get the most recent version of Alim
By Ibrahim Sule Mamman de on 07.05.2005
1. Is There a 32 0r 64-bit version of the Alim Program that will work on Window 7 operating systems? 2. I downloaded the Alim Version 6.0 and installed it. But, there is no audio. Please advise me of any solutions.
By Muhammad Menzies on 07.04.2010
AoA Where this excellent software was developed. Do we have the web address of the organization?
By Suhaib Khalid on 06.12.2005
It was developed in the USA by
By Customer Services on 07.12.2005
Are there updates available for installing Alim 6.0 on Windows Vista? While I have not been successful in finding such plug-ins needed to upgrade Windows Media Player (for Vista), thanks in advance for any help in this regard.
By Rolin Mainuddin on 06.06.2009
As far as I can tell this product has not been developed for the past 5 years if not longer. Therefore I don't think an upgrade for vista is available.
By Customer Services on 06.06.2009
who is F Malik and M Asad who contributed to the translation of the holy quran on the latst version of aalim?? what are their credentials?? where were they educated??? Is it not preferable to stick to the traditional translations especially since this cd is extensively used by students of theology and it woould therefore be advisable to use translations which are acceptable in the academic field Personally I would feel more comfortable with a translation by Muhsin Khan of the International Islamic University of Madina KSA. Plse advise thanks
By Zuleigha on 06.02.2006
M. Asad is Mohammed Asad. who has written one of the world's most renowned translations of the Holy Quran - The message of the Quran. I have no information on F. Malik.
By Customer Services on 07.02.2006
Assalam, I was wondering if you have the version of Alim that is compatible with Windows 7 64-Bit. I tried installing my older version on my new system, but it gave me a compatibility error. Thank you.
By Nasir Mohammed Makarfi on 05.11.2011
The product is no longer available and was not developed for compatibility after Win XP.
By Customer Services on 07.11.2011
By ABDUL MUJEEB on 05.09.2011
Is there a soft ware for on screen search of a word in the Quran ?
By Husni Dupchen on 05.06.2005
The Alim is currently out of stock at the moment, but I have check the Islamic Scholar Professional ecode 30007. There is quite a comprehensice advanced text search for the 4 English translations included in the package. Please find a link to Islamic Scholar below:
By Customer Services on 06.06.2005
I have bought the Alim CD-ROM (not from and I have been very disappointed. I have Windows 2000 Professional installed on my computer and I find that it is not possible to play the recitations of the Holy Qur'an with out upgrading my Media Player, which I understand would involve additional expense. This is a potential problem which they are careful not to tell you about on the outside of the box before you buy. It's not until you open the box that you find a red slip and a yellow pamphlet telling you that you can not play the recitations with out upgraded Media Player. It makes one wonder if the manufacturers of Alim and the purveyors of Media Player programmes aren't in cahoots together. I intend to buy the Islamic Scholar CD-ROM to use instead as I understand from the technical information on the SimplyIslam web site that I will not have similar problems. If like me you don't have upgraded Media Player on your computer: Be Warned!
By David Payne on 05.06.2004
Thanks for sharing your experience in regards to this software. We would of course love to supply you with the Islamic scholar professional, but is it not free to upgrade your windows media player?
By Customer Services on 05.06.2004
My Alim will not work on my XP, where can I find a manual for it.
By Jameelah on 05.03.2007
PLease put a search in google and hopefully you should be able to download the manuals or you may check the website of the product for XP downloads.
By Customer Services on 06.03.2007
i have a software of alim 6.0 but my operating system is vista.. how can i install the updatemedia player?
By mohamad abutazil on 05.02.2010
Please adivse about zakat on jewlery inuse and not inuse.
By Farhat Fatima on 04.10.2006
Please adivse about zakat on jewlery in use and not in use.
By Asghar Ahmad on 04.10.2006
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to
By Customer Services on 06.10.2006
Why has this software suddenly gone into extintion and when will it be back?
By Abdur Rasaq on 03.07.2014
Is the Alim 6.0 software compatible with the 64bit version of Windows 7. Kindly reply back to or send an SMS to +91 9986747947
By Mohammed Shadab Faisal P K on 03.06.2011
Hi Sir, I am Muslim from Senegal and I am interested by the CD ROM the Alim V.6 How can I get one!
By Samba on 03.03.2012
Salaam, Could you suggest another mode of payment apart from credit card for the Alim v.6. Does it work with Windows XP?
By Mohammed Amin Sa'ad on 03.03.2005
Yes, Alim is compatible with Win XP If you do not have a credit card or do not wish to pay by credit card, you may choose to pay by using the following alternative methods: Cheque (UK customers Only) Postal Order (UK customers Only) Int. Money Order in Sterling available from most banks and post offices Paypal Bank Transfer Please place your order on the website to its conclusion and select your preferred payment method from the payment page. You will then be presented with your Order No. Please make payments to 4 CORNERS and send to : 4 CORNERS 81- 83 Wilmslow Road Rusholme Manchester M14 5SU United Kingdom Electronic Transfer Details: Acc. 4 CORNERS Acc. No.10061591 Sort Code. 83 04 25 Bank Name: Royal Bank of Scotland Address: P.O Box 1727, Drummond House, 1 Redheughs Avenue, Edinburgh. EH12 9JN Swift Code: RBOSGB2L IBAN No. GB37RBOS 83042510061591 Tel and Fax UK Tel No. 0161 225 1263 UK Fax No. 0161 225 4884 Overseas Tel: +44 161 225 1236 Overseas Fax: +44 161 225 4884
By Customer Services on 03.03.2005
ASALAAM ALAIKUM. Whatdoes it mean by the new version having arabic script- Does it mean that all hadith and dua's etc are also therefore in Arabic. as well as in english. If thats true then Alhamdulilah thats fantastic. And is it also all able to be copied and pasted.. i find ihave problems with sometimes trying to copy and paste from the older version..? jazakallahkhair for your help with salam
By Uzma on 03.01.2006
It is just the Quran in Arabic Script.
By Customer Services on 04.01.2006
how can i get alim for free
By arshad on 02.11.2005
Assalamu Alaikum, Can you please tell me where I get a version of Alim software which is campatible to Windows 7 (64 bit)
By shareefudeen on 02.02.2010
The product is no longer being developed.
By Customer Services on 02.02.2010
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