iPray Salah Pad for Boys - Talking Toy

iPray Salah Pad for Boys - Talking Toy

iPray Salah Pad for Boys - Talking Toy      

iPray Salah Pad for Boys - Talking Toy      

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iPray Salah Pad for Boys - Talking Toy
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26x22 cm / 10.24x8.66 inches
460gm / 1.01lbs
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Oct 2013
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Teaching everything from the 5 Salah times to the full prayer with Adhan, Iqama, Dua's and much more.

Nicely illustrated to see the steps in Wudhu and Salah
Press the play buttons under each picture to hear and learn how to perform Wudhu and Salah
Press and follow each play button to hear the recitation in each position in Salah
Press the i button to hear details for each positon in Salah
Press the Adhan button to hear the beautiful call to prayer
Press the Dua buttons to hear Dua'a after Adhan and Wudhu
Learn how many rakahs there are in each Salah and Dua's after Salah

This is a great way to help children enjoy learning the values and correct way to perform Salah - fun, interactive and innovative.

Comes ready to use with 3 x AAA batteries included
Boy iPray pad has male voice recitations
Comes with its own very detailed Beginners Guide to Salah to supplement the iPray pad
All teachings in the iPray pad and in the guide book are according to the Hanafi School.

Please note that iPray Salah pads only recorded in English and Arabic only. All iPray pads meet all the required British and European, Health and Safety requirements CE, EN71, and Rohs certified. (Age: 3+ Years).
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By Yasmeen akhtar on 14.08.2016
Asalaamu Alaikum, Apologies, I am not sure why you are not receiving our emails. Please advise which prayer mat is missing?
By Customer Services on 15.08.2016
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