Image Of The Prophet Mohammad In The West

Image Of The Prophet Mohammad In The West

Image Of The Prophet Mohammad In The West      

Image Of The Prophet Mohammad In The West      

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Image Of The Prophet Mohammad In The West
Jabal M Buaben
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Oct 2003
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JABAL MUHAMMAD BUABEN, presently Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (CSIC), Selly Oak Colleges, University of Birmingham (UK), obtained his BA (Hons.) and Dip. Ed. from Cape Coast, Ghana and his Masters and Ph.D degrees from the CSIC. He taught for almost a decade in the faculty of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University, Malaysia. The abridged version of his MA Thesis, A Comparative Study of the Islamic Laze of Inheritance and Fante Customary Law of Inheritance, was published in both English and French by the CSIC. Dr. Buaben has also contributed a number of articles on Islam in different journals.
IMAGE OF THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD IN THE WEST brings out the main contours of Western scholarship on the life and achievements of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It traces remnants of the negative image of the Prophet found in medieval polemical works to twentieth-century works, especially those of the three most influential English writers of our tunes - William Muir, David S. Margoliouth and William M. Watt. In addition to mapping out the chequered history of relations between the West and Islam it helps one gain or renew acquaintance with the exemplary life and great achievements of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
THE ISLAMIC FOUNDATION is an educational and research organization devoted to making Islam a living reality in our age. For this purpose, it aims to improve human communication and develop a better understanding of Islam among all people of the world, Muslim and non-Muslim, so as to galvanize man to the message and ideal of One God and the unity of mankind, as brought by all the Prophets of God throughout the ages, last of' whom was the Prophet Muhammad (blessings of Allah and peace be on him). The Foundation has research units in Islamic Economics, Christian-Muslim Relations, and Literature for Children. Its regular publications include Muslim 11,41d Book Review containing an Index of Islamic Literature (quarterly), and Encounters: fournal of Inler-Cultural Perspectives (bi-annually).
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By Sampurno on 27.10.2003
Does Angel gabriel was there ?
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