Gold Super Strong Magnetic Adapter Micro USB Charging Cable

Gold Super Strong Magnetic Adapter Micro USB Charging Cable
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Gold Super Strong Magnetic Adapter Micro USB Charging Cable
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Arabic learning for children. Hundreds of pictures, a letter by letter pronunciation audio-guide and animated reward games help make Arabic learning fun. Also included are recitations of the shorter surahs of The Holy Quran. Not compatible with Windows NT
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multi madrassa
3/18/2005 5:01:14 PM
review by:
it is wonderfull for teaching

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hi, could you recommend an affordable cd that would teach an english speaking person to learn, how to pray and how to recite the quran. This person is has no one to help him.
By sharmin akhter on 23.08.2005
I am afraid that the al-ustaadh is expensive, but if you sit down and consider what is actually contained in the package you will find that if you were to purchase the products individually the cost would run into 100 if not 200 Al-Ustaadh: Deluxe Version eCode # 52781 59.95
By Customer Services on 23.08.2005
Hi, Can I actually hear the words that represent the pictures in Arabic with the Multi Madrasa Software? Thank you. C Jamison
By Consuelo Jamison on 16.07.2003
Sorry for the late reply. No, I am afraid it is just the arabic letter that is spoken and not the name of the object.
By Customer Services on 29.07.2003
does the Madrassa CD work on windows XP ?
By neelam ahmad on 16.05.2006
Yes, this software works with Win XP
By Customer Services on 17.05.2006
slm i recently asked you to send me the download that enables multi madrasa to work on windows xp and you did so jzk, however i had to reboot my computer and i no longer have the download, can you please send it to me again insha Allah. wsl
By Helena on 11.02.2006
Hi, how suitable is this software for learning arabic to a thirteen years old with hadly any knowledge of written arabic, but who can speak the language fairly fluently? Thanks..
By Lena Alani on 09.08.2003
Inshallah I will take a detailed look at the product and get back to you.
By Customer Services on 11.08.2003
Assalamu Alaikum, I am looking for good arabic learning software which is very interactive. I came across Rosattastone's Arabic Learing software, Multi Madrasa and Arabic Playhouse. Kindly guide me on their differences or if I can download the trial version of them to test myself
By Mohammed Yahya on 08.12.2006
We only have the Multi Madrassa and so cannot make the comparison for you. Unfortunately no trial version exists for the software.
By Customer Services on 08.12.2006
I have ordered a couple of things (including a cd) and i have already payed but i didn't receive anything and the money is already taken from my account
By Younes Bahri on 06.12.2004
Inshallah we will contact parcelforce for the whereabouts of your parcel. In future, inshallah if you could inform within at least two weeks, as it will make tracing the parcel much easier.
By Customer Services on 06.12.2004
is this compatibale with XP and windows 2000. thanks
By Ash on 04.11.2003
We have no information to the contrary. If you have any problems you can always return for a refund
By Customer Services on 05.11.2003
Asalamu alaykum, I would like to know if this program only teaches letters in arabic or does it also teach words
By Dawoed on 03.10.2004
Yes, the package also teaches everyday arabic words
By Customer Services on 04.10.2004
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