Digital Quran Pen Reader with English & Urdu Translation M9

Digital Quran Pen Reader with English & Urdu Translation M9

Digital Quran Pen Reader with English & Urdu Translation M9      

Digital Quran Pen Reader with English & Urdu Translation M9      

Digital Quran Pen Reader with English & Urdu Translation M9

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Digital Quran Pen Reader with English & Urdu Translation M9
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21x16x8 cm / 8.27x6.30 inches
1400gm / 3.09lbs
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May 2011
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M9 Model.

The complete package!
- Word by Word Digital Quran with complete colour coded tajweed rules and record your voice function!
- Full colour coded tajweed Quran
- 18 Quran Recitations (on demand)
- 20 Translations (on demand)
- 99 Names of Allah
- Qaida Noorania
- Alroqia AlSharia
- Tafsir Jalalain (voice - Arabic)
- Tafsir Al-Sharawy (voice - Arabic)
- Anasheed
- Hisnul Muslim
- Duaa (supplication) from the Holy Quran
- Daily Duaa (supplication) as per Hadith
- 4 books include:
- Talking Dictionary
- Riyad us Saliheen
- Sahih Muslim
- Sahih Al-Bukhari

**extra Translations and recitations available to download after purchase**

The pages are layered with invisible coded grids. The Pen Reader optically detects each unique code on the grid and will read the corresponding text in beautiful digital sound. When the Read pen is pointed at the beginning title of each text, it will read the whole corresponding chapter. This provides a very convenient way to learn and memorise and recite, all in just 3 easy steps – point, listen and recite.

The sound comes through the built-in speaker of the pen, and earphones can be plugged in for a more concentrated and private listening.

“With this new breakthrough technology, the learning process is accelerated!”

1. Complete deluxe Holy Quran book.
2. Digital pen with built-in speaker & built-in lithium battery
3. Read sentence (ayat) by touching the start of the ayat
4. Read the whole Chapter by touching the title
5. Repeat by touching again
6. Clear and loud voice with volume control
7. Smart design
8. Built-in MP3 function, use like a USB flash drive
9. Especially suitable for memorising Surahs
10.Instructions manual included to adjust volume and speed of recitation.
11. Built in Lithium Battery
12. 20 recitations available in 23 languages

The Featured Reciters are:

Abdul-Basit, Al-Afasy, Al-Ghamidi, Al-Menshawy, Al-Sudais, Al-Shateri, Al-Hussary, Al-Hudhaify, Al-Maeqaly, Al-Ajmy, Jibreal, Al-Akhdar, Maturd, Basafar, Ayyoub, Al-Johany, Salah Bukhatir, Tablaway, Saleem, Al-Rifai.

Other features include: Tafseer, Al-Bukhari, Parhizghr

Translations in:
Chinese, Urdu, Russian, English, Bengali, French, Farsi, Dari, Kyrgyz, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, German, Uygur, Turkey, Pasto, Malaysia, Spanish, Portuguese, Malayalam, Uzbek, Kurdish, Thai, and Azerbaijan.

Instruction manual included.

Box contains:
Full Quran
Read Pen
USB lead
Instruction Manual
and 4 complete books.

60 Days Warranty
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Beautiful product
6/24/2015 12:25:33 PM
review by:
julie wakefield
This is a beautiful set Alhamdoulilah. I had one minor issue with the pen-a problem with the earphone outlet. I sent the pen back and am waiting for a replacement. Insha Allah. Besides that the pen works very well. The sound is very clear, and we love the recording option. I will give it three stars but once my issue is fixed I would not hesitate to give it 5 stars.
mrs kanwal saddique
8/14/2013 2:22:09 PM
review by:
Kanwal saddique
Great service as usual never had a reason to complain you are providing a brilliant service keep up the good works may allah trward you
5/24/2013 11:13:48 PM
review by:
Kanwal saddique
Love this item keep getting lots of family and friends requesting me to order it for them as its a brilliant gift and really good for learning yourself too and such good value for money compared to anywhere else and really excellent service provided by simplyislam too. Keep up the good work.
mrs saddique
4/27/2013 12:20:23 AM
review by:
Kanwal saddique
Really like this item so much so that when i went to collect my second order of it i ordered another one there and then make great gifts subhanala n very reasonably priced...i think its great that i could collect the item and save on delivery too more than likely will order few more as some friends are interested subhanallah
mrs saddique
3/22/2013 5:37:24 AM
review by:
Kanwal saddique
Brilliant really impressed with the service n product mashala really reasonably priced for what you get keep up the good work will be ordering more from this company inshala in the very near future.may allsh reward u subhanala.x
Good Job : Bon travail ;)
1/24/2013 5:12:14 PM
review by:
Thanx thanx and thanx very nice job . my packet from England to France 3-4 days . Good jobs and thanx to customer service for them help ;) . : Pour tout mes frères français je peux vous le dire ce site est sérieux , j'ai commandé ce livre je les reçus en quelque jour , le service consommateurs a été au top ! hamdoullah !
purchased digital pen quran
1/18/2013 2:20:59 PM
review by:
Arif Daudo
very urgent delivery and very quick response over the phone will purchase again and i will personally recommend to my family relatives and friends to make order from
4/5/2012 2:12:10 AM
review by:
Said Hamouda
Digital quran
3/5/2012 8:06:53 PM
review by:
Riaz Hossenbux
This digital quran is amazing. Great for helping my children to learn to read the quran. A wonderful product. Thank you!!
Digital Quran Pen Reader with English
12/18/2011 2:36:40 PM
review by:
Jannah Suleman
Assalamu'alaykum, We have just received the Qu'raan read pen Masha'Allah the Quraan and pen is great source of learning. However the "Teacher Book" am NOT happy with the authenticity, for example the salaah/prayer for female is incorrect and it is different to a male on this book, and my proofs is that there is no difference between male/female when it comes to salaah/prayer because it is very clear from this hadith " The Prophet (Sallalahu alaihi wa salaam) said to: ...Pray as you have seen me praying.. (Sahih Bukhari Book 1 Vol 1, Hadith 604) also certain dua'as/supplication are not authentic. Allah swt knows best. but the qur'aan/pen is very good I wish it had more reciters such as Sheikh/Imaan "Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary" (RU) is one the best reciter for Tajweed.
Digital Quran Pen Reader
9/9/2011 9:55:49 AM
review by:
Muhammad Rafee
Excellent, i really enjoy this reader. The reciters speech on the pen is audible and very impressive. I would give this and excellent but when it arrived the box look as if it was a used and in very bad condition. (I repaired it with a little household glue).
Quran reader pen
9/8/2011 9:35:39 AM
review by:
Layla Begum
Very useful item. I didn't get the one with the Urdu as that ws not in stock. I bought it as a eid gift they loved it

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

hi does the pen reader come with the quran to?
By anhar on 31.03.2012
Yes it does.
By Customer Services on 02.04.2012
By Anas on 30.12.2014
hi does this come with a guarantee if yes how long for? thank you
By sharus afzal on 30.12.2012
It comes with a 1 year guarantee inshallah.
By Customer Services on 01.01.2013
Assalam alikum I really like the m9 model the only thing is how can i change the pen errors or instruction in english. Sometimes pen says something in arbic sonds like it wants me to follow some instruction but its in arbic language which i do not under stand Thanks in advance
By Omar on 30.07.2013
I have problem with pen .on charging light colour changr from green to red immediately but pen response nothing .It is silent.plz answer
By KAMRAN HAMID BUTT on 30.05.2015
Do you sell the pen separate
By Tahmina on 30.01.2020
No unfortunately
By Customer Services on 31.01.2020
Hi, I do have a similar Quran. It can translate many language including Russian as well. I am wondering if this Quran has a Russian translation ?
By Fatima on 29.11.2012
No, unfortunately not
By Customer Services on 01.12.2012
I have a pen quran but the sd card is missing. Is there any website through which i can download the material and place them on a new sd card. Please suggest me what should i do? Thanking u
By Shagufa on 29.10.2015
Hello, Anxiously awaiting to buy this quran. If you will not have it in stock for a long time then can you please refer me to another site that is selling them?? Or at least notify me as soon as you have more. I would find this most useful especially during the month of Ramadan, and as Eid gift to others. Thank you
By Bushra on 29.07.2012
Unfortunately we do not expect to restock this product in the foreseeable future
By Customer Services on 30.07.2012
asalaamalaykum when i plug the pen the red light comes and then goes off after a while. is something wrong with it? how long does it take for the pen to charge?
By maryam on 29.06.2016
Wa Alaykumus Salam Shouldn't be anything wrong as long as its functioning properly.
By Customer Services on 30.06.2016
Assalam o alaikum. I just needed to know i would like to order one of these for my dad who lives in Karachi Pakistan. Would you be able to deliver it there if i order from the uk. If yes, how long does it take for delivery. Jazak Allah
By Salman on 28.05.2015
Asalaam, I would say it would take approx. 2 weeks. You also need to select registered delivery.
By Customer Services on 29.05.2015
quran pen reader
By yakubu hassan on 28.03.2012
Do we have to charge the pen reader ? and if yes then will this product be successful in country like india where there is a different voltage ? how is the order placed through phone and transaction processed?
By sanna mir on 28.01.2013
The pen will charge and is not dependent on the country it is being used in, but it may take longer to charge in one country than another dependent on their electricity output. You can call in to place an order. We are open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Our call times are from 10:30 and 4:30.
By Customer Services on 28.01.2013
i dropped it and the light is still coming on but theres no sound
By Amber Khan on 27.11.2014
My read pen doesnt recognise the quran anymore.and also my pen is stuck, I don't know why but none pf the buttons work anymore. And it won't turn off. I tried to reset it but Idon't know how to do so. The pen only speaks a language like chines when i try to turn it on.Thank you
By Abdurrahim on 27.06.2016
Salam, I wanted to ask does the Quran pen come with a Quran?
By Samina on 27.06.2015
Yes, it comes with Everything in the picture
By Customer Services on 29.06.2015
does the e-pen have tajwid explanations in the selected translation language? i am an australian convert and my wife is indonesian
By Kamndiin Turner on 27.03.2015
selam would know the real price of this coran reading pen please.39.99 0r 51.19?thank you!
By ayshemaria on 26.12.2012
The price is £39.99 Great Britain Pounds. This converts to €50.79. It would be the same price, different currency.
By Customer Services on 28.12.2012
Want to buy only digital Quran pen reader. Digital pen is not working. What is the cost of only pen???
By Mukhtar on 26.11.2016
By Customer Services on 28.11.2016
Assalamualikum, We have just received the quraan read pen pack. There is no instruction how to use pen. Please let us know how to change diffrent reciters and how to use traslation function, as we cant hear any traslation currently. Thank you
By Khalid Parkar on 26.09.2011
Assalamualikum, We have just received the quraan read pen pack. There is no instruction how to use pen. Please let us know how to change diffrent reciters and how to use traslation function, as we cant hear any traslation currently. Thank you
By Khalid Parkar on 26.09.2011
Did you see the video demos on this page: Basically you need to press down on 1 of the buttons for more than 1 sec and then release. Doing this it cycles through all the recitors and the Qaris.
By Customer Services on 27.09.2011
It comes complete with the printed book Quran.
By Customer Services on 27.08.2011
My read pen doesnt recognise the quran anymore.and also my pen is stuck, I don't know why but none pf the buttons work anymore. And it won't turn off. I tried to reset it but Idon't know how to do so. The pen only speaks a language like chines when i try to turn it on.Thank you
By Abdurrahim on 26.06.2016
I am facing a problem in my Quran pen M9.It is not getting started. The power button is not responding. I would like to know about service Centre in Mumbai, India.
By Imtiyaz Patel on 25.06.2013
Hey, my pen used to function perfectly until recently. .. but now it won't turn on , evethough I have charged it sufficiently. And, yes, the red light does come on while charging... It is like the power button is broken or sth... or maybe the battery? Anywho, what could be causing my pen these problems? ~thanks
By Amina Abdulkadir on 25.01.2017
By Customer Services on 26.01.2017
Salaam What is the difference between the Qur'an pens, including the latest F2 pen? Salaam1
By Dunya on 24.10.2016
By Customer Services on 25.10.2016
cud u plz tell me whoz translations are available with this product esp in urdu and english?
By syed arif ali on 24.07.2014
My Quran Pen M9 does not work properly How to repair it?
By Bilal Hussain on 24.05.2014
No repair service is available in the UK unfortunately.
By Customer Services on 25.05.2014
Will it translate in bangla??
By Sadia on 23.12.2014
Yes, there bangla is available to download
By Customer Services on 23.12.2014
how can I change the name of Recitors online???
By Moaz Ahmed on 23.06.2013
assalam alekum, when i use quran pen after a few sec go shutdown. its a battery down? if yes how can i very is charge full? thanks, Khurram
By Khurram Bashir on 23.04.2016
Walaykumuslam there is a adapter that comes with it that can be used to charge the pen
By Customer Services on 25.04.2016
I ve accidentally reset my Qur'an pen. Now when I'm opening it , it ain't playing nothing. I guess all the files were deleted in the process. Kindly tell me how am I gonna regain the lost files so that it can function normally again?
By Sumi on 23.03.2020
By Customer Services on 23.03.2020
I got th Quran pen (model: M9) as a gift. I charged it for a whole day and now the red light switched off. I try to turn it on bu it doesn't work. I reset it a few times but it still wot switch on. What should I so so I can turn it on?? Please help!! Thanks.
By Maryam on 22.11.2013
Unfortunately, due to the price decrease of this Quran pen we have found that the quality of the M9 has also reduced. Your pen has developed a fault and there is no with to fix it.
By Customer Services on 22.11.2013
I am having problems with my digital pen. The red light appears when I charge the pen & switches off after a while, but it doesn't read or say anything. Please help.
By Mrs khan on 22.07.2012
like we pointing our index finger while we reciting as we go on, does this pen do the same or not. i mean to say instead using my index finger, in place i use this pen and move in one line at a time. JazaALLAH
By Ayub Musa on 22.07.2012
Assalamu alaykum, Is this Qur'an colour coded? As the video for this Qur'an pen reader shows that the Qur'an is not colour coded. I would like a non-colour coded tajweed However, the description for this item says that is is a colour coded tajweed Qur'an. Therefore, please could you clarify. Kind regards, Aisha
By Aisha gbede on 22.05.2018
Its an old video unfortunately. They now come all colour coded
By Customer Services on 22.05.2018
i miss my voices from the pen how can i download new voices for my pen i have already pen
By Aamir on 22.01.2018
By Customer Services on 23.01.2018
as-salamu 'alaikum,My Qur'an pen sometimes should I go about it?
By abdul Quadri on 20.09.2015
Wa Alaykum Salam Wa Rahmatu Lahi Wa Barakat ul Please, can i get one because it is so glorious to me Maa Salam
By Akinbola Sheikh Tijani on 20.06.2011
i read all the Questions above and it seems to me that there is a problem with the pen ,as i am having the same problem. l would like to know what you are going to make sure that Future products are free from this fault It was an excellent idea if only the pen was good too.
By mrs shakila Akhtar on 19.08.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, could you please inform us of the fall so that we may pass this on to the manufacturers?
By Customer Services on 21.08.2015
AA could you send me a pfd copy of the user manual? Mine is a bit blurry from printing. Jzk
By DOINA on 19.06.2015
Assalamu alaykum, Is the Qur'an in this set colour coded? I would like for the Qur'an to not be colour coded Kind regards, Aisha
By Aisha Gbede on 19.05.2018
Asalaamu Alaikum, it is only available in colour-coded
By Customer Services on 21.05.2018
i was gifted with a quran pen reader alqalam m9 but the pen doesnt work. is there a service centre to do repairs in karachi? please help me
By zain fairoze on 19.02.2017
By Customer Services on 20.02.2017
Hi I have purchased this product, and would like to add new recitors but need the download software
By Gulam on 18.08.2019
By Customer Services on 19.08.2019
Hi Can you pleas advise me where I can get english transtlation from I already have this Quran Pen Thank you
By Mary on 18.07.2016
When will the Digital Quran Pen Reader be in stock?
By Maryam on 18.07.2012
Inshallah we are in the process of restocking this product. It should be available in the next day or so.
By Customer Services on 19.07.2012
Salaam, I am trying to download the Farsi and Dari translations for my Quran pen - I purchased this a few years ago and am unable to find where to do this in your website. May you please assist me? Thank you!
By Sadaf Doost on 18.06.2018
By Customer Services on 19.06.2018
Also, who are the recitors please? Jazak Allah Khair
By Ibrar on 18.06.2011
The Featured Reciters and Translations are: o Abdel Bassit Abdel Samad o Sheikh Mishary Rashed Alafasy o Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais/ Sheikh Saud Ash Shuraim o o Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary * o Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi* o Saad Al-Ghamdi* o o English o Urdu* * not included in model 60028
By Customer Services on 20.06.2011
Assalaamu Alaykum This is exactly the same as the £70 pen but this includes urdu translation and the other features above? Does this include the same bonus features as the other pen? Jazak Allah Khair
By Ibrar on 18.06.2011
This version has additional : 1. Spoken Urdu Translation 2. Own voice record function 3. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 4. 3 Additional Quran Recitations
By Customer Services on 20.06.2011
Salemalikoum, My Mum bought a Quran pen Model M9 one or two years ago, but it doesn't work yet. It repeats always the same sentence when it puts on. I've checked The Quran pen and i note that there no SD card in the slot. I don't know if SD .card was in the quran pen before. Do you think that it needs the SD card to read the Qur'an or not ? If yes, Is it possible to download the content of the SD card of the model "Sahih Al-Bukhari (Arabic)" ? Best Regards, A. Zaid
By Zaid on 17.12.2013
Walaikum Asalaam, no the SD card slot is usually empty by default. You do not require an SD card in order to load additional resources onto the pen. There is an integrated memory card within the actual pen
By Customer Services on 18.12.2013
i would like to buy digital penn but iwould like the following reciters sh shuraim ,Abdel bassit,Mueaqly fani rafai, Ali Al-Hudhaifi
By zully on 17.11.2011
Unfortunately we cannot change the recitors on the pen.
By Customer Services on 18.11.2011
By Farzan on 17.10.2019
By Customer Services on 18.10.2019
salam do you have any ajency or central shop in guangzhou or shenzhen ?and whats your factory china adress i have speciall order thanks alot .
By shahin shahidy on 17.08.2011
We operate only as an online business.
By Customer Services on 18.08.2011
Hi , I want to buy Quran pen reader . I want to know the price in USA dollar. Also I want to know Qaida reading style for example ( ba zaber ba ) . Thank u
By Samaira Thair on 17.08.2011
To calculate USD cost just work out the exchange of £50 from GBP to USD. The qaida style is indo-pak.
By Customer Services on 18.08.2011
My pen doesn't seem to charge. No light indicating charge. Is it faulty or charges without a light showing?
By tabz on 17.02.2014
I think it is possibly faulty
By Customer Services on 18.02.2014
Thank you so much for your effort in making Islam easy to understand. May Allah reward in this world and the hearafter. Please do you the translation in to japanese? I wish to buy one translated into japanese and English .
By Abass Shakib on 16.11.2012
Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately the manufacturer of this pen has not yet released a Japanese translation for this Quran Pen.
By Customer Services on 16.11.2012
Is there a guarantee with this pen. what is the refund policy?
By Ambereen Ahmed on 16.08.2011
Yes, 1 year guarantee. 14 days money back if you are not satisfied.
By Customer Services on 17.08.2011
do you sell any quran with digital pen where the quran is the written in the traditional 13 line indopak script used in madressasin the UK?
By muslimah on 16.06.2015
No, unfortunately
By Customer Services on 16.06.2015
Am I able to purchase the Quran pen only?
By Shahida on 16.02.2019
By Customer Services on 18.02.2019
i have a problem with the quranic pencil, it says no book available even though there is it.
By muhammad ibrahim on 15.10.2017
By Customer Services on 16.10.2017
aoa, the quran reader pen i've some how is changed to chinese or else. behavior is as follows. it speaks same chinese sentence on any button press or even on hard reset. can you help how to change it to recitation ??
By Noman on 15.01.2012
I have not come across the problem, but we could look into it but we would need to first confirm that you have ordered from ourselves. DO you have an order no.?
By Customer Services on 16.01.2012
sir i buy a pen in muscat, as i used it after one week it stoped working or charging as i connect to computer it says formate the drive, if i formate the drive .. may its unable to recite
By muhammad on 14.12.2012
Please contact the vendor with whom you placed this order with. Inshallah they should be able to help you.
By Customer Services on 14.12.2012
I want to buy the digital quran and pen, after some time can I order for the pen alone, in case it get spoilt?
By Usman on 14.12.2012
I'm afraid the pen is not available to buy seperately as it comes in the whole Quran package.
By Customer Services on 17.12.2012
What is the name of kids Qaida ? I want to buy a Noorani Qaida .
By Samaira Thair on 14.09.2011
Assalamo-aleikum. My husband is very interested in this pen,he is a Pakistani muslim.We live in swden and wonder how much the total cost would be for this pen and we also wonder if it can read any Holy Quran( even from ours we hav e at home) How does it works? Would be very thankful for all information about the pen and so on. Many thanks.
By Angelika Abbas Nilsson on 14.08.2013
Assalamo-aleikum. My husband is very interested in this pen,he is a Pakistani muslim.We live in sweden and wonder how much the total cost would be for this pen and we also wonder if it can read any Holy Quran( even from ours we have at home) How does it works? Would be very thankful for all information about the pen and so on. And we also whant to know how many days it will take before we get the pen. Many thanks.
By Angelika Abbas Nilsson on 14.08.2013
To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and select your location. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges. Delivery Times: We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5 -10 days Rest of the World: 10 - 21 days The pen only works with the Quran supplied.
By Customer Services on 14.08.2013
Assalamualaikum, my pen is not working as it won't not turn on even though i already charged it sufficiently. It gives me a blue indicator when i press on but disappears as soon as i don't press it. It was working previously, what do you think is the problem? If its unrepairable, can i buy the pen reader only??
By Mariam on 14.06.2018
Asalaam, no repair available. We sell the replacement for the M9 / M10 model only
By Customer Services on 14.06.2018
Every feature on the pen works apart from following text when placing the pen over it. Can someone help.
By Khalid on 14.05.2016
i have problem with pen .on charging light colour changr from green to red immediately but pen response nothing .it is silent.plz answer
By saeed ur rehman on 14.05.2015
Aslam o Alykum Dears I recently purchased the complete package of reciting Quran pen. when I purchased it was working. After some days when I made my mind to learn the Quran with this pen I start the pen it is not working I charged the pen for couple of hours but same result . I think may be memory card come with pen was corrupted or damaged . please tell me can I download the software in my new sd card.
By javed iqbal on 14.01.2017
Asalaamu Alaikum, Please let me know your order number
By Customer Services on 16.01.2017
Asalamu alaikum, I am looking for a replacement pen for my quran pen reader. Do you supply this?
By khadija on 13.08.2015
No, unfortunately.
By Customer Services on 13.08.2015
I am having problems with my digital pen. The red light appears when I charge the pen & switches off after a while, but it doesn't read or say anything. Please help. By Mrs khan on 22.07.2012 My Father is Having the Same Problem please Reply ASAP and start posting problems on the FAQ section so people can reach to their solutions without waiting for replies. Thanks Regards Faisal Iqbal
By Faisal Iqbal on 13.08.2014
What is the delivery (days) on the Quranic Pen reader for London
By Abdullah Sani on 13.07.2012
We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. Delivery Times: UK: Within 3 days
By Customer Services on 16.07.2012
By Adnan on 12.11.2017
By Customer Services on 13.11.2017
Salam aleikum I have just recieved my Pen after a long wait and i cant get it to work. I have followed the instruction on the video but still now working. Is there something am missing? Thank you
By kemi on 12.09.2011
Is it charged? Are you able to switch it on?
By Customer Services on 13.09.2011
By Georges Johnson on 12.07.2012
This Quran Pen reader does not come with an instruction manual. However, we have made up a video with instructions on how to operate it. We have a youtube link on the product's page: which you can access by clicking the above link. The video is underneath the image.
By Customer Services on 13.07.2012
does reader pen have voice of al sudais for whole quran and how much delivery charge to aberdeen
By m ahsan on 12.06.2013
Yes this does have recitation by Al-Sudais. To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and select your location. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges. Delivery Times: We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5 -10 days Rest of the World: 10 - 21 days
By Customer Services on 14.06.2013
Assalamu alaikum It says that the quran comes with only two translations yet many comments mention chines etc, please confirm. Also wanted to know if it comes with an arabic translation as well as english (a simplified tafseer of verses in arabic)? jzn
By Mrs Arabi on 12.04.2012
This model does come with many translations as stated in the description. And yes there is a Tafseer in Arabic.
By Customer Services on 12.04.2012
I bought this as a gift for my mother and when i intially bought it i assumed that it would translate into pastho for my mother to understand. when i phoned up to ask if i could get the pastho translation they advised me to check the video on the website which doesn't state how i could achieve this. please could you advise me in where i can download the pastho translations for my mother to understand the qu'ran. Thank You
By Neyaz karim on 12.03.2013
Please click on the following link below to view the available downloads and how to download.
By Customer Services on 13.03.2013
Dear Advertiser, I am interested to purchase 2 copy of the package of Quran learning pen with bengoli translation " , How and from where I can purcahse it. I am living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Thank you. Best regards Amina
By Amina islam on 11.09.2014
Hello, Yes we can send you the PQ15 which has a Bengali translation. The delivery charges to Bangladesh will be £39 by TNT Thanks
By Customer Services on 12.09.2014
does the digital quran reader contain the 30th juz only or the whole quran???
By hareem on 11.09.2011
It contains 8 complete Arabic recitations of the Quran by various recitors and 2 complete translations.
By Customer Services on 13.09.2011
What is the font style of the Quran print. Is it 'Uthmani (as printed in Saudi Arabia) or Indopak (as printed throughout the Indian subcontinent)? Also is it a Hifz Quran (15 lined pages with each page ending in an ayah)/
By Borhan on 11.08.2013
It is Uthmani Script and I beleive all Uthmani script Qurans are the same and therefore 15 lined pages with each page ending in an ayah
By Customer Services on 12.08.2013
Salam, The pen speaks the same Chinese sentence on touching any part of the Quran. Please how do I change that, so that it can recite the Quran ?
By Alhassan Gwarzo on 11.07.2013
Will the light changes after full charge?
By SAQIB SHARIFF on 11.06.2017
My Pen still Turing off but it doesn't read anything anymore! any solution?
By Adam Essakhi on 10.07.2017
Asalaamu Alaikum, Unfortunately sounds like your pen is faulty, there is no way to fix it. You would need to purchase a replacement. Jazakallah.
By Customer Services on 10.07.2017
Salam dear, i have pen but there is no memory card in it , is it possible to get the memory card and load all the function in it and can you please tell me the website to download all the software in a new memory card and will it work ?
By umair on 10.04.2018
By Customer Services on 10.04.2018
Salaams What will be your trade price be for the Digital Quran Pen Yusuf
By world of Knowledge on 10.03.2012
We have a dedicated area for wholesale purchasers or volume buyers. The area is open to all. In order to qualify for wholesale prices: 1. products must be purchased in the stated multiple quantities. 2. Minimum spend must be £150 / US$250 (current special offer - due to increase) If you are already a customer, then all you need to do to register for a wholesale purchase is login as normal, but click the new 'TRADER' check box underneath in order to add some extra details to your account.
By Customer Services on 12.03.2012
Asalamu alaykum, Does this Quran require a special compatible Quran or can it work with any copy of the Quran? Can it read any script? Will it be supplied with all software preloaded? How long does the battery last? JazaakAllaahu khayran. Ibraheem
By iBRAHEEM on 10.01.2015
W/asalaam. Only works with supplied Quran. All languages and translations cannot fit onto the 4GB on the pen. You would need to download and copy onto pen. Battery usually lasts weeks, but depends how much you you it.
By Customer Services on 12.01.2015
Reading pen does not work. I think due to not in use for long time and battery gone down and lost firmware. So if you can send us firmware and how to load, please
By YAKUB MOHMED SHETH on 09.06.2018
By Customer Services on 10.06.2018
Will you be getting these back instock and if so when will you be getting thanks
By Lucy hudson on 08.08.2012
At the moment we are not looking to restock this particular one. If you submit your name on the email notification on the product description page as to when we will be receiving this, we will email if and when we get this back in stock.
By Customer Services on 09.08.2012
asalamu alaikom this is masih taraki from afghanistan I bought one quran pen translation but when i want to use it it reads 10 aye before it also does not have any reset hole so what is your idea ?
By Abdulqader Sadaat on 07.12.2019
By Customer Services on 09.12.2019
Asalam O alaikum, Please could you advise whether the Digital Quran reads words individually?
By salma asad on 07.12.2012
This particular model does not have a word by word feature. However, we have another model that does have a word by word function. 62526 Record Your Voice Quran Pen Reader Enmac PQ15 includes 4 Extra Books
By Customer Services on 10.12.2012 the pen switch on?i mean does it need toplug in at the pc? thanks
By ayshemaria on 07.11.2012
No, the pen incorporates a rechargeable battery and so it does not need to be connected to the mains when in use.
By Customer Services on 09.11.2012
I would like to watch a video on the digital Quran Pen reader but I can not find it. Where can I find it? Jazakallah Khair
By Rizwana on 07.08.2011
You can find the videos here, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 07.08.2011
Salam . I wish to oreder digital quran . Is it possible that I can gate delivery on Thursday . Thanks Rafik
By Rafik MALIK on 06.10.2013
Salam . I wish to oreder digital quran . Is it possible that I can gate delivery on Thursday . Thanks Rafik
By Rafik MALIK on 06.10.2013
If you had ordered the pen over the weekend then it would have been dispatched today. However, our next dispatch day after today is Wednesday and therefore if you would like to receive it on Thursday you would have to select next day delivery which is £7.99
By Customer Services on 07.10.2013
Please could you tell me aswel as getting a 2 pin charger would I get a UK pin charger with this? Also does the product have warranty on it? How would the sending off work if product doesn't work? Would we have to pay for the postage? Thanks
By Sabbir Amla on 06.05.2013
I'm afraid this does not come with a UK adaptor. If the item is faulty, we will accept the reuturn for a replacement and refund the cost of postage of returning the item.
By Customer Services on 07.05.2013
is the pen reader with screen or the one without? which one is better and which one is the newest product?
By Farah Mohamed on 06.02.2012
As you can see from the image this is the one without the screen. This is the older more mature product and therefore it is more reliable,inshallah.
By Customer Services on 06.02.2012
Assalamualaikum my pen reader has been working until recently it's saying no book available. any way to fix that??
By Ahmad Abba sheik on 05.08.2018
By Customer Services on 10.08.2018
do you have a phone number so we can call and order
By poppy l nasser ali on 05.02.2012
Our tel no. is 01618500297. Please note telephone orders take a day or 2 longer than web orders to process.
By Customer Services on 05.02.2012
i have lost my al qural(pq 400) pen's memory can i use another memory card in this pen..plz guide me..thanks
By Umair Tufail on 04.12.2018
By Customer Services on 05.12.2018
How can I download more translations to my pen please
By ibrahim mahmood on 04.07.2014
Is Qari Sadaqat Ali one of the reciters? If not, what do you have in stock of this fantastic reciter of the Quran? Wassalaam
By Hajji Muradin on 04.07.2012
I'm afraid this recitor is not available in this Digital Quran Pen reader. Unfortunately, we do not have any other items with this recitor in our stock.
By Customer Services on 06.07.2012
AoA,i want to ask that my pen show red indicator while chrging and when i unplug it does not response and also no indicator there.kindly tell me how can i fix this problem
By Rehan zahid on 04.03.2016
My submission is that my pen was lost but since i got it, it was opened and the memory was stolen so its not working now, What should i do?
By Ismail on 03.08.2017
By Customer Services on 07.08.2017
Assalamualaykum, Does this pen have read word by word function? Thank you!
By Sufiyan on 03.08.2013
By Customer Services on 05.08.2013
aoa, i purchased this quran pen last week i recieved it this morning and i was a bit disappointed as the box was torn and it was supposed to be a gift , secondly i wanted to know does this not come with an instruction leaflet as i did not get one in the box ? jezakallah khair
By amjad on 03.08.2011
Many apologies for the inconvenience. Unfortunately this does not come with an instruction manual. We have an online video demo that you can watch.
By Customer Services on 04.08.2011
My pen is stuck, I don't know why but none pf the buttons work anymore. And it won't turn off. I tried to reset it but Idon't know how to do so. It says to reset on the button at the back, should I open the pen? Because I don't see any button at the back. Thank you
By Mariama on 02.06.2013
Please state the order number that would have been given to you when you purchased this pen from us. If this was purchased from another supplier, please contact them directly.
By Customer Services on 03.06.2013
My Quran pen model M9 is missing the sd card. It will not play anything when you touch the Qur'an. Can I order/download the files somewhere?
By aneela siddique on 01.12.2016
By Customer Services on 02.12.2016
i reqire the quran printed in Indo Pak style font. is this possible ? as i can not read the Uthmanic fonts
By sjan on 01.09.2011
Unfortunately the Quran is only available in the Uthmani font.
By Customer Services on 04.09.2011
aoa, i would like to know how much discount i will get if i want to purchase 3 of these quran pens plz get back to me as soon as possible, jezakallah khair
By a amjad on 01.09.2011
It is currently still on special offer for GBP50 each which is the lowest price we can offer on orders below 10 pieces
By Customer Services on 04.09.2011
Good day, my Quran pen m9 is always saying no book available. How do I do to redownload it? And when I connected it to my pc under the book folder they are book-bit files more than 100. Pls help me out. Thanks
By Ibrahim on 01.07.2019
By Customer Services on 01.07.2019
My read pen doesnt recognise the quran anymore.
By Zarah bash on 01.06.2014
Assalam alaykum I want to know how do I know when the pen is fully charged.
By Jamila on 01.01.2014
Walaikum Asalaam, I believe the small indicator light on the pen changes colour.
By Customer Services on 02.01.2014
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