Cotton Ahram Ihram (High Quality) for Hajj

Cotton  Ahram Ihram (High Quality) for Hajj

Cotton  Ahram Ihram (High Quality) for Hajj       

Cotton  Ahram Ihram (High Quality) for Hajj       

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Cotton Ahram Ihram (High Quality) for Hajj

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1800gm / 3.97lbs
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Jan 2003
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Finest quality 1800gm 100% cotton ahram. Beautifully packaged in cloth bag. 100% satisfaction or your money back. Standard Size. Super soft. Produced from long stapled 100% cotton ring spun yarn on computerised warp knitting machines. Shrinkage controlled.
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Looks nice
12/10/2005 11:51:42 PM
review by:
Abu Assad
Salaams Item was made in Pakistan, seems to be good quality. I'll put it to use next month, Inshallah.
Cotton Towelling Ahram (Ihram) for Hajj
4/6/2005 2:47:27 PM
review by:
Abu Aqilah
Good quality ihraam.

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

As-Salaam-Alaikum, I am ordering Ihram for Hajj; I am 6'3". Is standard size (as listed) appropriate for me? Do you have any other sizes? Jazak-Allah-Kair
By Khaalis Rahman on 31.10.2003
There is only 1 size in the Ahram, it fits all.
By Customer Services on 01.11.2003
Does the package include 1 or 2 pieces of cloth? When I added it to my cart, it listed 2 for quantity and doubled the price. I'm not clear on whether I need to buy 1 or 2 packs.
By Kourosh on 29.08.2006
Its only 1 pack.
By Customer Services on 31.08.2006
Dear Sir/Madam, We are an accredited agent of the Ghanaian Government,We have been motivated to source out for suppliers on this 2013 on going project for West African State (ECOWAS) and also to private and multinational companies here in Ghana. We have found your esteemed company as fit. We, are interested in your product for a long term business relationship with your esteemed company, therefore, if you have the interest and capability to supply this in large quantity and to explore your product(s) in our markets, kindly revert with your full product details. On hearing from you regarding the above, we would not hesitate to give you more details and procedures regarding our offer. Thanks for anticipation. With regards. Contact person: Mr Nana Owusu Henry 2nd floor law house east legon +2330249224380
By Mr Nana Owusu Henry on 28.06.2013
I am looking for a ihram for an 8 yr old boy for umrah. can someone tell me where to find one. Jazakallah
By Sohail Khan on 28.02.2010
I am looking for a ihram for an 8 yr old boy for umrah. can someone tell me where to find one. Jazakallah
By Sohail Khan on 28.02.2010
Assalamu alykum, Have you visited the link below:
By Customer Services on 01.03.2010
how do you wear a ihram
By ms on 27.03.2006
I am sorry, we have nothing online to instruct you.
By Customer Services on 27.03.2006
Could you give the measurement of the men's ihram I am looking at a big size in towel
By Shameem rasool on 26.12.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, this particular garment is out of stock however we do have this on the website please take a look at that thank you.
By Customer Services on 28.12.2015
As salaam alaikum We are a local muslim organization in San Jose, CA and The brothers from our Masjid conveyed to us that they will be needing Ihraams for HAjj this year. Are you able to give a bulk price that is around US $ 10 - US $ 15. We will be buying 50 Ihraam sets.
By Muhammad Rizwan on 26.11.2004
It may be possible to give you that price for a qty of 50pcs, but unfortunately with shipping charges to USA the cost per ahram would be more like $20.
By Customer Services on 26.11.2004
what is ihram
By Abdul on 22.11.2009
It is used as clothing to cover the body during hajj
By Customer Services on 23.11.2009
Dear Sir, We are producer of terry towels and bathrobes here in denizli/Turkiye. Are you interested in my offer. Best Regards, Ayberk SOYLU
By Ayberk SOYLU on 22.07.2009
Bismillāh, As-Salām alaykum, We are a travel's agency specialized in hajj and umrah. We look for society that can sale cotton ahram for pilgrim. Is it possible for you to sale ahram and send this one in France. If yes, we can integrate your affiliate program. What do you think about this ? Our site is :
By DUBOIS on 22.04.2004
Yes, we ship worldwide and supply orders regularly to France. It would be a good idea to join our affiliate programme as you would also gain commission on all things your customers buy from our site, not just Ahrams.
By Customer Services on 23.04.2004
This package consists of 2 pieces of white cotton cloths?
By Umm Abdur Rehman on 21.10.2004
Yes, that is correct - It is towelling cotton.
By Customer Services on 22.10.2004
Salam, I live in Aberdeen Scotland, Alhamdolillah we r going to perform umrah next month. can u pls deliver 2 ahrams 1- for audalt (male) 1- for 10 years old boy. how much time u need to deliver my home adress in scotland. pls also inform prices and method of payment. Jazakumullah Khaira Musa zaidi
By Musa Zaidi on 20.04.2011
You can make payment online by credit card or debit card and shiiping can take 3 days.
By Customer Services on 26.04.2011
the cotton towelling ahram is it ready to wear straight away and is it easy.
By wajid khan on 19.08.2005
Yes, it is ready to wear and it is just a matter of wrapping around your body.
By Customer Services on 22.08.2005
I want to buy the black and white cloth which Arabs wear what is it name called A cloth man wears on there head I need good quality but it should be Black and White like Kuwaity
By Naveed on 18.10.2010
Please see the link below:
By Customer Services on 18.10.2010
Do you have small size for chield under 12 and upto 8 years young.
By zakir on 17.05.2006
I am afraid we just have full size ahrams.
By Customer Services on 18.05.2006
what s dobby size 46x90 large size snow white 2500 pair .1600grams.
By Tariq nasar on 17.04.2010
By Customer Services on 19.04.2010
Assalaamu alekum i would like to know the best manufacturer of ehraam in India .the company should be ISO-9001-2001 certified and should be professional and should use high technology in manufacturing Ehraams,belts use for Ehraam and special socks.Please let me know at the earliest because its very urgent and important. Thank You.
By yasar khan on 17.01.2010
can u plez giv me aproximate size of ihram in length and width.
By mohammed yaor boksh on 15.08.2009
2 meter x 1 meter
By Customer Services on 21.10.2009
Hi please can you confirm that the ihram 52052, is NOT a towel ihram, if so, do you have any non towel ihrams?
By Zahid Hussain on 15.07.2010
Do you get two pieces in the Ihram pack and what it the length and width of the item in the pack. How do you secure the Sony money belt, does it have a waist round clipping belt?
By Salim on 14.11.2006
You get 2 peice in the Ihram and the size is 190 x 103 cm as for the sony money belt it has a clip ypu tie against the waist.
By Customer Services on 15.11.2006
AssalamuAlaikum, Is this ehram with velcroe?
By Yasin Veera. on 13.03.2010
No, this item is made from pure cotton without stitching. This is the condition for the clothing of ahram.
By Customer Services on 15.03.2010
Alssalam Aleykum...Plz let me know if you will be restock in this item,. as i need it for my son before Hajj or if you can recomend me any website where they sell it. I live nt he USA and its at this point very rare to find one of good quality. JAK Best regards. and salam aleykum
By Fatimah Haddad-Yuway on 08.11.2006
We have 2 in stock.
By Customer Services on 08.11.2006
plz tell me the exact size of the ehraam to b worn by a muslim man during hajj
By arshad on 06.09.2009
Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead. We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to or
By Customer Services on 07.09.2009
We are looking forward to purchase 50,000 Ihram for Hajj & Ummrah. Can you supply? if yes, then confirm ex-stock or give best delivery time with very competitive price in SAR. Contact Muhammad - Mobile No: 0598975697 or Idris Mobile 0551103313.
By Muhammad on 05.10.2009
We cannot supply this qty.
By Customer Services on 06.10.2009
What is Royal Mail Standard Delivery? How many days to the USA?
By S. Conley on 05.05.2004
It is the basic postal airmail service. Delivery to the US is between 7-10 days. It is very reliable.
By Customer Services on 06.05.2004
assalaamu alaikom, does your ihram have the fringes/tassels on the ends?
By shareef on 05.03.2011
I assume so, because Ahrams cannot be hemmed as stictching is not allowed on the cloth.
By Customer Services on 07.03.2011
when will you have this in stock
By msattar on 05.03.2006
Cotton Towelling Ahram (Ihram, Ehram) for Hajj is in-stock.
By Customer Services on 09.03.2006
By FAISEL on 03.08.2010
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