Baba Ali Kalimaat Game (The Wacky word game)

Baba Ali Kalimaat Game (The Wacky word game)
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Baba Ali Kalimaat Game (The Wacky word game)      

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Baba Ali Kalimaat Game (The Wacky word game)
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23 x 15 cm / 9.06x5.91 inches
600gm / 1.32lbs
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Jul 2009
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Introducing Kalimaat!, the revolutionary word game where short and long term memory join forces to lead you to the winner’s circle!

This new party favorite puts two teams up against one another. It’s a two-fold battle of both common knowledge and memory. Are you able to guess which “famous Persian food is cooked on skewers” and keep that as well as the answers to nine other clues in your head until it’s time to recall them?

Guessing and keeping mental track of answers is a challenge. If you are a master of memorization, you’re fortunate. If you’re the type who needs the waiter to repeat the list of salad dressings to you just one more time-sharpen your memory skills by taking part in this fast-paced and challenging game!


250 Kalimaat cards
10 tokens
One 30-second timer (red end cap)
One 60-second timer (black end cap)
Scoring Pad
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iqbal abedin
Fast prompt delivery,will play soon insha'allah
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Good product

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Aslamu Alakuim, I want to ask if you have any toys, for children with special needs. my son is eight years old and has autism (nurological disorder and learning dissability), and I am at a loss as he has not started to learn Quran reading. He sings songs in English languages from the cbeebies website and picks up indian and English songs quickly , but when it comes to urdu and Arabic it, he blocks it out as it seems foreign to him. I have tried so much but feel lost, however he copies behaviour and words, which is part of his condition called Echolalia, so I am wondering if you have electronic toys, that could teach basics, which he could just hear and repeat on a regular basis. his way of communicating is through pictures and social stories, so if you have anything that would help my son learn Quran and his religeon, through copying and pictures. I would be very grateful, Autism is a common condition that the muslim community has not had much awareness about, and I am not alone as I know many muslim mums struggle to teach islam to thier autistic children,and the mosque do not have adequate understanding to teach these children, as if they try to shout or hit the child to discipline them, their behavior gets worse, so they need to be taught with love and understanding. At school my son is influenced mostly by western environment and culture and they have taught him about differnt religeons, but not Islam, they tend not too, as Islam is so misunderstood, I have already asked, but it has been ignored. my son comes home from school singing the indian religous prayers they teach him at school, and this is so unfair, as he doesnt seem to understand about his own religeon islam, PLEASE HELP. JazakALLAH.
By zarina kauser on 30.03.2012
Unfortunately we do not have any products that may fit the requirement you are looking for. The closest I can think of is the Talking Muslim Doll which recites Surahs of the Quran, arabic duas and phrases with the meaning when you press the hands or feet. There are two versions of this doll for both boys and girls The Aamina doll and the Yousuf Doll. However, we do not have the boy's doll in stock at the moment and are expecting it in the Summer. Baba Salam have a range of Islamic Educational toys, if you were to visit their website that may fit your requirement. Inshallah you do find what you are looking for and I'm sorry if I couldn't be more help.
By Customer Services on 30.03.2012
Assalamu alaikum, last time I logged in I saved my Shopping cart so I could make the purchase at another time. Today I logged in and there is nothing there. I took Ages to choose all the things I wanted to buy - around 80 euros worth!! - and now I have to begin all over again? Is there any way to retrieve this Information please? Thank you!
By Eleanor Peters on 23.06.2013
This normally does save when clicking the option to save. We do apologise, we are unsure why it did not do so in this instance.
By Customer Services on 24.06.2013
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