Presets for the Quemex 1000 cities Azaan Clocks
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Azaan clocks are analogue or electronic clocks that indicate the time for Muslim Prayer. They contain individual alarms for Fajr, Zuhr (Dhur), Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayer times. Where a mainstream Alarm clock may have 1 or 2 alarm functions, the Adhan clock will have a minimum of five. Another difference to mainstream clocks can be that the device may contain the actual call to prayer, rather than the usual ring or electronic beep. In fact more advanced versions allow you to select the Adhaan by different Muazims from around the world.

As the times of prayer change according to the times of sunset and sunrise, there was a need for more advanced clocks to which this page relates. This new breed of Azan clock can calculate the changing times of prayer automatically for the listed cities around the world. In this way rather than manually adjusting the clock or watch on a weekly basis, there is just a one time setup based on the city you reside. With this information the Muslim Clock will calculate the times automatically. Please see the list below:

Typical functions of an advanced Azaan Clock:

1. Five auto azan times show on the screen (1150 cities worldwide selected)
2. Can be used other cities (programmable prayer time for unlimited cities)
3. One voice with Mekka Azaan
4. Automatic fajr alarm
5. Hijri and Gregorian calendars
6. Daily alarm (weekends optional)
7. Qibla direction
8. Temperature
9. Full screen EL-light
10. Crescendo alarm
11. Daylight saving time option
12. Snooze option
13. Compass
14. AC/DC input for mains connection using power adaptor (not supplied)


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