Umair Muslim Bear: The Bear that Teaches Islamic Basics!

Umair Muslim Bear: The Bear that Teaches Islamic Basics!

Umair Muslim Bear: The Bear that Teaches Islamic Basics!      

Umair Muslim Bear: The Bear that Teaches Islamic Basics!      

Umair Muslim Bear: The Bear that Teaches Islamic Basics!

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Umair Muslim Bear: The Bear that Teaches Islamic Basics!
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40cm cm
750gm / 1.65lbs
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Jul 2012
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A Worldwide Exclusive to The world's most advanced Islamic toy in the English Language!

Please click here to view the Interactive Demo (please wait a few moments for the demo to load)

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The Bear that Teaches Islamic Basics.

Fun Sound Effects!
Full MP3 Controls!
45 MP3 Audio Recordings
Speaks Arabic and English.
Volume control

Umair has interactive ears, paws and feet. Press the paws to cycle through the range of options. Press the feet to listen to Umair recite Kalimas, duas, ayats amongst many more!

Press his ears for volume control. You can also pause and resume playback. Umair powers off after 30 seconds of inactivity with a
convientient: Ma'Salaam - Goodbye!

Umair is the most interactive soft toy out there! He is the world's first Islamic toy in English to use MP3 Technology for sounds and controls

Cycle through all the options to hear Umair recite:
4 Kalimas
6 Surahs
4 Duas
5 Nursery Rhymes
6 Islamic Phrases
The Azan
The Arabic Alphabet
How to do Wudhu

2 x AA Size Batteries required

0.0 Intro
1.R Kalimahs
1.L Kalimah
1.1 1st Kalimah
1.2 2nd Kalimah
1.3 3rd kalimah
1.4 4th Kalimah
2.R Surahs
2.L Surahs
2.1 Fatiha
2.2 Ayatul Kursi
2.3 Al-Ikhlas
2.4 Al-naas
2.5 Al-falaq
2.6 Kafiroon
3.R Duas
3.L Duas
3.1 Before Eating
3.2 After Eating
3.2 Sleeping
3.3 Awakening
3.4 Entering Toilet
3.5 Leaving Toilet
3.6 Greetings
3.7 Reply to Greetings
3.8 Leaving Home
3.9 Dua for Parents
3.10 Sneezing
3.11 Reply to Sneeze
4.R Azaan
4.1 Azaan
5.R Arabic Alphabet
5.1 Arabic Alphabet
6. R Nursery Rhymes
6.L Rhymes
6.1 Twinke Twinkle
6.2 Three Blind Mice
6.3 Hush a Bye Baby
6.4 Happy and You Know It
6.5 I'm a Little Teapot
7.R How to do Wudhu
7.L Wudhu
7.1 How to do Wudhu
8.R Islamic Phrases
8.L Phrases
8.1 Al-humdullilah
8.2 Allahu Akbar
8.3 Jazakallah Khair
8.4 Subhanallah
8.7 Pbuh
8.5 Astaghfirullah
8.6 Inshallah
9.R Hadith
9.L Hadith
9.1 Hadith
9.3 Hadith
9.4 Hadith
9.5 Hadith
9.8 Hadith
9.6 Hadith
9.7 Hadith
9.9 Hadith
9.12 Hadith
9.10 Hadith
9.11 Hadith
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Umar Islamic Desi bear
11/6/2015 6:22:30 AM
review by:
gulnaz khan
I'm so happy that I bought this for my nephew and hope he will learn lots from this bear
Umair Muslim Bear: The Bear that Teaches Islamic B
7/20/2015 8:46:59 PM
review by:
Jazair Saghir
Well, really there isn't much to say, when you buy something and it doesn't work. My grandson was so disappointed ... as he was expected a talking bear which will be able to teach him a number of things. I have put in new batteries and checked again and again ... with no luck I wouldn't purchase anything electronic in the future from this site. It is a lot of money (24) for just a cuddly teddy bear. Thanks
Umair bear
5/22/2013 6:19:38 AM
review by:
Natasha Malik
I purchased this for my twin daughter and son. I have found this bear excellent for teaching the kids the basics of Islam. They are able to choose what they would like to learn and then listen to it over and over again until they know it. A bear I would highly recommend every parent buys to teach their kids in a child friendly way.
1/21/2013 8:19:53 AM
review by:
Asraf Aziz
Umair is THE BEST
1/7/2013 10:38:00 AM
review by:
Damir Badzic
This toy is amazing, I would recommend it to everyone, it's really great!
ummair teddy bear
11/21/2012 10:02:34 AM
review by:
nasra saleh
masha"allah this is a great ready for teaching kids kalimas, dues, etc my children love it.
Umair Muslim Bear
10/13/2012 5:41:05 AM
review by:
Masha'Allah this is a really cute bear which is extremely educational and is ideal as a present for a new baby/child. Will definitely be coming back for more and have recommended to friends adn family
10/7/2012 11:08:36 AM
review by:
caroline Bessadi
what a lovely bear my 3 year old loved it.
Umair teddy bear
8/28/2012 11:11:38 PM
review by:
Masha'allah this teddy bear is fantastic. Amazing learning tool for our little ones and most of all its super cute and cuddly. I would highly recommend this teddy to everyone with little kids.
Umair Bear
8/13/2012 8:47:13 AM
review by:
Saiqa Waleed
Mashaallah absolutely fantastic. I've only tested it and gone through each programme & the mp3 recording is crystal clear. All the programmes are relevant for any small child to sit & listen & learn & obviously love to hug. Only downside is getting to each different programme can be long winded & so adult help will be required especially for any child under 3-4yrs of age. I hope to give this to my 3 yr old daughter for Eid inshaallaah and am positive she will love it & inshaallah learn from it (as will my 6 yr old son who can help her inshaallah). I definitely would buy this again as a gift for any child to encourage learning.

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

Can you advise when this will be back in stock
By Samina Mirza on 30.09.2013
We are expecting in approx 2 months time, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 01.10.2013
do u have this teddy in different colours? or u just have white. I need to buy it for my son in Africa, but white is toooo delicate. please reply with the colours you do. salam
By ASHA on 30.06.2013
This is only available in white I'm afraid.
By Customer Services on 03.07.2013
What age is umair bear
By M A Jalani on 29.07.2014
The bear is suitable for 3 - 9 years
By Customer Services on 30.07.2014
If I order this teddy bear, can you deliver this to Dubai, shipping is free or not, and how much you give me discount..
By Farhana Asif on 29.07.2012
Yes we do sip to Dubai. Shipping to Dubai will cost approx AED56.76 by standard airmail.
By Customer Services on 30.07.2012
Asalamu alakum , can you do shipping to sydney australia ?
By bellal el saadi on 28.12.2012
Yes we ship worldwide. Please add item to cart and select the delivery destination.
By Customer Services on 28.12.2012
Hi, I am enquiring about whether you will have the new version of 'umair the taking muslim bear' (white in colour) in stock to order online, and if you still continue to manufacture this product? As I was previously informed the original brown bear is no longer manufactured. Hope to hear from you soon Thanks in advance, Best, Hawa
By Hawa on 26.02.2014
Yes, we are expecting stock of this bear in approx. 8 weeks time, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 26.02.2014
Salam, would like to know if you would be getting anymore umair bear's in and when as I would like to order one please. Thank you
By Miss khan on 24.11.2013
Unfortunately, we do not expect to have new stocks until February of next year
By Customer Services on 25.11.2013
i would like to purchase 10 bears. Would you give me a better price?
By Laila on 23.08.2012
Yes, please visit our wholesale dept.
By Customer Services on 23.08.2012
We were informed prviously tha the bear will be in stock on the 16th December. I have not heared anyhting from you. Can you please update as to when we could expect this tto be in stock.
By Zahir on 21.12.2013
Unfortunately, we have had to revise the date to mid-February
By Customer Services on 23.12.2013
As salaam Alaikum, please, can this bear be shipped to lagos, Nigeria? If yes, at what cost? If no, why not? Thank you.
By Mulkah on 21.01.2013
I am afraid we are unable to ship to some locations, Nigeria being one of them as our couriers do not offer that service.
By Customer Services on 21.01.2013
Salaams and Ramadan Mubarak! Just wondering if you sell this bear wholesale?
By Aida Music on 20.07.2012
Unfortunately as we have limited stock of this bear, we are unable to sell at wholesale.
By Customer Services on 20.07.2012
Can I download more music on it or can I use a card or USB with it?
By Mounir Ammar on 15.12.2013
No, unfortunately it does not have these facilities.
By Customer Services on 15.12.2013
Aslam Anychance you can tell me when you will get this item in please Thx Amo
By amo on 14.11.2013
In sha Allah, next January.
By Customer Services on 15.11.2013
Assalamu'alaikum I would like to check if the bear will be available only in December this year? That's almost 1 year of waiting..Im really keen to get for wholesale.
By Huraizah on 14.03.2014
We are expecting the bear in approx. 8 - 10 weeks, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 16.03.2014
Hi, Would it be possible to know the type of materials used for the make-up of the Umair Bear?
By Aimi on 13.11.2014
Hello, The material is known as plush toy material. Thanks
By Customer Services on 14.11.2014
Hi, Would it be possible to know the type of materials used for the make-up of the Umair Bear?
By Aimi on 13.11.2014
Hello, The material is ''plush'' toy material. Thanks
By Customer Services on 14.11.2014
Hi I need to buy a umair bear and amina doll. Would it be possible to pick up at some point today or tomorrow morning? I need it before 12 tomorrow. Can u pls email back or call 01614866120
By Amna. on 12.10.2015
Asalaamu Alaikum, sincere apologies but we do not have the Aminah doll in stock right now. You may collect the bear
By Customer Services on 13.10.2015
Assalamualaylum, I bought this toy for my daughter as it is a wonderful product the technology can really assist in children's learning of Islamic phrases etc in a fun and engaging way. The only let down which I hate to say it is the quality of the workmanship and design of the actual bear itself. Unfortunately there is a serious safety issue that needs addressing. This being the velcro strips that attach together to house the batteries, wires and microphone unit are simply not adequate to compete against a child's curiousity. This is what has occurred and unfortunately as a result, the bear is now just a simple silent teddy bear due to some of the wires detaching....Disappointing considering how much was spent on it :( and more seriously alhamdullilah my daughter was not injured in any way. The design seriously needs to be looked at again to address this issue. InshaAllah you can rectify this.
By umm fatima-zahra on 12.04.2013
We do apologise sincerely. Jazakhallah for informing us and Inshallah we will take this into consideration if and when we do decide to re-manufacuture this bear. We greatly value your feedback.
By Customer Services on 15.04.2013
I wonder in the first kalima where is "wa" that you translate AND Muhammad... This is totally wrong but nice attempt overall.
By Mrs Muhammad on 11.08.2012
Jazakhallah for bringing this to our attention. Inshallah for any future production of this bear or the like, we will take this into account.
By Customer Services on 13.08.2012
how to order this bear. i'm in malaysia
By WAN MARYATI WAN ANANG on 10.10.2012
We ship worldwide. Simply add the item to cart and select your delivery destination at the checkout page.
By Customer Services on 10.10.2012
Asalaam Walikum please could you tell me when you are expecting your next delivery of the above product ? JazakAllah
By Darren Mundy on 08.04.2014
Inshallah we are expecting new stock of the bear in approx. 9 weeks time.
By Customer Services on 08.04.2014
If I order 20 of these will you give me a better price jazakalla
By Halima ail on 07.09.2012
We have this at wholesale price at 17.99. Please visit our wholesale department at
By Customer Services on 10.09.2012
My umair bear isn't working when. i put in batteries?
By Adelisa Mehmedovic on 06.08.2013
Please hold down the mode button for 3 seconds to switch on.
By Customer Services on 06.08.2013
I wanted to buy a Muslim bear with my voucher you have sent me. It states it's out of stock until the 15th December and my voucher runs out on the 6th December ???
By Lina delduca on 03.12.2013
Unfortunately we are not expecting unit feb of next year. I will update that info.
By Customer Services on 03.12.2013
can you flat pack it for me if i order many pieces? what is weight of 1 bear
By Aisha Mohammed on 02.08.2012
We flat pack the boxes for all bear orders. The weight of the bear is approx 750g
By Customer Services on 02.08.2012
As salaam alaikum, Please could you advise roughly when this item will be back in stock? Or even if it will be in time for eid? Kazakh Allah Khayr
By UmmInayah on 01.08.2013
Unfortunately Umair will be available in 2 months time.
By Customer Services on 01.08.2013
Is this bear suitable for children aged 18? I would quite like one.
By George White-Lines on 01.05.2013
This bear is suitable for ages 6 years +
By Customer Services on 01.05.2013
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