Khimar Long One Piece Hijab Scarf Black (Somali Style)

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Khimar Long One Piece Hijab Scarf Black (Somali Style)
Khimar Long One Piece Hijab Scarf Black (Somali Style)
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90 x 140 cm / 35.43x55.12 inches
300gm / 0.66lbs
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Jun 2009
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Khimaar - One Piece Hijab Scarf Black
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Khimar Long One Piece Hijab
7/27/2010 12:25:51 PM
review by:
Kerry Adams
MashAllah I found this product very light and comfortable. Would like to see it in different colours inshAllah
8/26/2009 2:47:21 PM
review by:
Easy to use & very useful!

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please I want to knw how long is khimar long one piece hijab in black and if you could put some more picture thankyou
By zakeeya on 31.12.2013
As you can see in the picture it is very long. It may be some time before we can get round to taking more photos of this particular product.
By Customer Services on 02.01.2014
assalam U alaikuim wa rahmatullah what is the material for the khimar? is it of good quality? I live in the UK, how much is postage and packaging JazakhAllah Khairun
By UmmNusaybah on 26.09.2010
I am not sure about the material but the quality is good. Also the postage is for only this khamir is 1.80.
By Customer Services on 26.09.2010
Salaams :) I was wondering if there were available colours, other than black and white, for the one piece hijab scarf. Thank you
By Oumama on 26.05.2012
Unfortunately, we only have the white it stock for this particular one piece.
By Customer Services on 28.05.2012
Salaams, your One Piece Hijab Scarf Khimar Black Extra long - Regular Adult's size 75x107cm, ecode: 62628 states it's extra long, yet this one measures 90x140cm so it's longer than the one I mentioned?
By sis on 23.11.2013
Yes, this is particularly long. However, we mention the other scarf as extra long because this is what is stated on the packaging
By Customer Services on 25.11.2013
Salaam, I have read the description carefully & am confused as toi what type of fabric this is; is it cotton, polyester, jersey stretch? Pease let me know. Thank you!
By Joyce Tesar on 22.08.2010
Assalaamu Alaikum, You have a Somali Style Long Khimar in black 59734 and I wanted to know does it have tie backs to tie around the head or is it a slip on Khimar and is the material stretchy? JazaakAllaah Khair Saima
By Saima Zaher on 21.11.2013
Yes that is correct. This is a slip on hijab made from stretchy material
By Customer Services on 22.11.2013
how long is this khimar? to the wrist, waist, knees? Thank you.
By barbara on 16.09.2010
Its normal standard size. Thanks
By Customer Services on 17.09.2010
please give detail about somali style abbaya and scaraf and also the colour combination and what the style mostly chosen by somali women .
By Ahsan Baseer on 15.10.2012
Salam I am enquiring about the same as my above sister regarding the measurments for the black khimar... Please let me asap,, please can you also verify the material of the product ie lycra,,cotton chiffon.. Jazak Allahu Khairan..Wassalam Layla 15/07/2010
By Layla on 15.07.2010
As'salem alekoum I wanted to query the measurements given for the Long Black Somali Khimar ref 59734. The measure ments given are 47 cm x 45 cm (18. inches x 17.72 inches). A normal khimar would be at least 40 - 42 inches long (156 cm - 163 cm), and the Somail style ones are usually longer, which suggests that either the measuremants given here are incorrect or this is not a khimar but an Al Amira hijab (which is much shorter). If you look at the white Somali style khimar 59735 you will see the measurements are much larger; 160cm x 125 cm (62 99 inches x 49.21 inches). Could you therefore please advise if the measurements given for the black Somali style khimar ref 59734 are actually correct, or if this is in fact an al Amirah hijab (which is much shorter) Jazak Allah khairan
By Zainab on 14.07.2010
Please, read the title carefully that is "Khimar Long One Piece Hijab Scarf Black (Somali Style)". Thanks
By Customer Services on 15.07.2010
salam can you tell me what sort of fabric this is made from, eg is it cotton, or made of jersey stretch fabric. thank you.
By Yasmin Akhtar on 13.08.2010
As salaamu alaikum, is it neccessary to wear an underscarf to prevent the khimar from slipping?
By Joyce on 11.12.2010
No, I don't think so as it is elasticated at the headband.
By Customer Services on 13.12.2010
Hello.Does your khimar end in triangle or square?
By Hamza on 07.12.2010
At the front it will be a straight line
By Customer Services on 07.12.2010
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