Aluminium Ayat-ul-Kursi Bracelet

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Aluminium Ayat-ul-Kursi Bracelet
Aluminium Ayat-ul-Kursi Bracelet

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20gm / 0.04lbs
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Sep 2002
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Lightweight metal bracelet with etched arabic script.
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6/23/2009 10:56:41 AM
review by:
Maryam Al-Fayed
very poorly made product. also could be dangerous because I got cut by this product

Product Comments / Questions & Answers Submit your own

By SIMON on 30.08.2004
It is unisex.
By Customer Services on 31.08.2004
Hi, I'm interested in this product. When will this product available/re-stock?
By Dimas on 28.09.2011
I am just going to stock check all our steel bracelets. Please check back in 30 mins and you should find some of them are instock.
By Customer Services on 29.09.2011
What material is this bracelet made of - aluminium, stainless steel or silver?
By Imran on 27.07.2004
It is made from an aluminium type alloy.
By Customer Services on 27.07.2004
Do you need to know the size of the wrist? or should it fit on any wrist, regardless? Thanks
By Kashif Rashid on 22.10.2004
No need for size of the wrist as it is made from thin metal and will easily shape to fit.
By Customer Services on 22.10.2004
Assalamu Alaikum. Are women allowed to wear this Ayat-ul-Kursi bracelet??
By Rehana on 20.06.2004
I do not beleive there will be a problem, as long as it is removed when entering the toilet etc.
By Customer Services on 21.06.2004
are you getting any more in stalk?? i like the thin version better than the thick.
By areej on 19.03.2009
Our not stock will be arriving in approx. 4 weeks time, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 19.03.2009
Is this American dollar signe? Please tell ne the price in American Dollar if the your answer was no! Thanks,
By Afaf on 18.09.2004
The price of the bracelet in US Dollar is $3.12
By Customer Services on 18.09.2004
When will this product be available?
By Sabbir Hussain on 05.09.2006
We will not be getting item in the near future.
By Customer Services on 06.09.2006
When might you get this bracelet back in stock? I would like to purchase a few of them as soon as possible. Thanks
By Sifat on 05.04.2009
Unfortunately, we are not expecting any in the near future
By Customer Services on 05.04.2009
Brother do you ship to Bangladesh ?
By Hasanul Bunna Khan on 04.03.2011
Yes, we ship worldwide, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 07.03.2011
Assalamu'alaikum. Is this bracelet ready in stock?
By Dimas Galih on 03.10.2011
Assalemu-alaikum, Would it be haram to be wearing this bracelet(or any jewellery with the name of Allah inscribed on it)when visiting the toilet? Jazakallah
By Khadijah on 03.06.2004
I beleive it is not a desirable thing to do.
By Customer Services on 04.06.2004
You have a few different sizes!...However, I was interested in this one since its "thin"..compared to the others which are thicker!...Do you have the thin one?
By Tarek on
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