3 in One Lecture (B-I-T) (DVD)

3 in One Lecture (B-I-T) (DVD)
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3 in One Lecture (B-I-T) (DVD)
Khalid Yasin
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This DVD contains 3 Lectures by Khalid Yasin they are:

Brotherhood In Islam

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “You do not truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself”.
In this lecture, Shaykh Khalid Yasin gives beautiful examples of what it means to really love for your brother what you love for yourself. He advises us of the qualities or actions that we are lacking in, so that we may increase the brotherhood in Islam.

Islam And The Modern World

Unfortunately with war in Iraq almost a certainty, its seems as though with all the advancements of man, man still can't seem to solve issues without war and bloodshed. Islam and the World is a lecture wherein Shaykh Khalid Yasin compares the difference between a world with an Islamic system and a world without. One can only look at the state of the world today run by so-called peacemakers to see the result. However Shaykh Khalid gives us an example through the comparison of Muslim communities within non-Muslim countries.

The Enemy Within

History in Islam has shown that when the true teachings of Islam are implemented within the Muslims and the Muslims are strongly united, they can never be defeated. However the only time Muslims are defeated is by the enemy within which is: disobedience to Allah and His Messenger and arguing over minor issues or differences, which leads to disunity. This is when the enemies of Islam find it easy to conquer the Muslims.
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3 in One Lecture
3/20/2007 10:30:07 PM
review by:
A very good value for money
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