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EBAY: Zaky and Friends DVD collection

EBAY: Zaky and Friends DVD collection      

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EBAY: Zaky and Friends DVD collection

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ecode 62986 
Size 25cm cm
Weight 50gm / 0.11lbs
Stock out of stock
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Added on Jul 2013
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   Package Details:

It's Story Time with Zaky. The Story of Adam and Noah (DVD)

1 Islam Productions are happy to present their first very own children's programme series titled 'IT'S STORY TIME'. With a combination of mild animations, live children, Quiz time, songs & Zaky (as seen on the right) appearing in the story, this is a fun way for children to learn. Come along on our Journey as we learn about the Prophets (PBUT)!

This DVD contains The Story of Adam & The Story of Noah with bonus funbook. Suitable for children of all ages.

    ecode : 56131 
    Size : 43 minscm
: 120 gm / 0.26 lbs
    Stock :  11 in stock
    Price : $21.10    was $0.00


We Remember Allah (DVD)

Wouldn't it be great to spend a day remembering Allah every step of the way just like the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?... Spend a day with a Yusuf as he goes through the his daily routine from the time he wakes un til the time he sleeps at night and remember Allah with him. A great way to learn the supplications (Duat) we commonly say. Suitable for all ages.

All songs in this film are voice only.

    ecode : 56806 
    Size : 35 minscm
: 120 gm / 0.26 lbs
    Stock :  18 in stock
    Price : $21.10    was $0.00


It's Story Time 2 with Zaky : The Story of Abraham (as) (DVD)

1 Islam Productions are happy to present their second very own children's programme series titled 'StoryTime 2: The Story of Abraham (as)'.

- The Story of Abraham(as) with & without text
- Quiztime with Zaky
- Full scale animation production
- Bonous “Zain Bhikha feat Dawud Wharnsby– Allah Knows Nasheed video clip
- Bonus colouring in book
- Bonus “Zaky” Bookmark

This is a fun way for children to learn. Come along on our Journey as we learn about the Prophets Abraham (AS)!

This DVD contains The Story of Abraham (AS). Suitable for children of all ages.

    ecode : 58890 
    Size : 43 minscm
: 120 gm / 0.26 lbs
    Stock :  10 in stock
    Price : $21.10    was $0.00


Time to Pray With Zaky (DVD)

Time To Pray With Zaky is the world's first animation film teaching children the most important pillar of Islam - the Prayer (Salaah) and Ablution (Wudu). A fun and educational film for children of all ages, teaching them the most, important pillar of Islam, the Prayer (Salaah) and Abulution (Wudu).

Featuring 6 NEW voice only songs.

Zaky & friends are playing in the field when the athaan is heard from th nearby mosque. The children go to make Wudu but Abraham is missing. Zaky finds him & realises that Abraham doesn't know how to make Wudu or Pray.

"That okay Abraham, we'll teach you" says Zaky

Abraham is excited & joins the rest of his friend as they all offer to help teach him the steps. Together with Teema, Toofa, & Kazwa, Zaky teaches Abraham the simple steps of Wudu & Prayer… and they all learn some extra things along the way!

- World's first animation film teaching prayer and wudu, etc.
- Introduces 3 new cartoon characters - Kazwa the camel and Toofa & Teema birds
- Live actors mixed with animation
- 6 new children's songs written by One 4 Kids on prayer and wudu
- Approximately 60 minutes which includes quizzes, games, music video clips
- Gives a message of Unity to a young age group of below 8 years old, honouring differences of opinion in prayer and wudu
- Several added improvements and changes based on live audience preview in March 2007
- Improved quality of animation to be same as Story of Abraham
- English Subtitles available

    ecode : 59325 
    Size : 63 minscm
: 105 gm / 0.23 lbs
    Stock :  52 in stock
    Price : $21.10    was $0.00


Zaky’s Adventures: The Earth has a fever DVD

Be one of the first to grab your hands on the NEW Islamic cartoon DVD to hit the world! Product Details:

Zaky's Adventure- The Earth has a fever, takes children on an adventerous journey with Zaky and his friends to discover about global warming and how to help our enivornment whilst trying to save their freind's school.

Journey through the creepy forests of Shadow Valley to riding down the raging rapids with the team as they learn the importance of friendship, teamwork and how they make new friends along the way.

-New voice only songs/ Nasheeds
-New characters
-Bonus video clips
-Sing along song!

    ecode : 60908 
    Size : 45 minscm
: 150 gm / 0.33 lbs
    Stock :  22 in stock
    Price : $21.10    was $0.00


Lets Learn Quran with Zaky & Friends (DVD)


In Stock Now! Includes FREE activity funbook

In this latest animated film from One 4 Kids, Zaky introduces his new friends from different countries around the world. Each friend explores the history of their country including its culture, animalsfoods. They then recite their favourite surah from the Quranexplain what the surah means, in a way that is easy for children to understand. Zaky's friends also demonstrate what they have learned from that surahoffer inspiring advice about how to build their characterbecome better Muslims inshallah.

    ecode : 61072 
    Size : 62minscm
: 250 gm / 0.55 lbs
    Stock :  53 in stock
    Price : $21.10    was $0.00


Lets Learn Arabic with Zaky (DVD). Includes FREE alphabet poster.


Includes FREE Alphabet Poster!

In this latest animated film from One 4 Kids, Zaky teaches the Arabic Alphabet, numbers, colours and lots of Arabic Words in a fun and entertaining way.

Children will also learn about Allah (SWT), the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and many Islamic topics. To keep the children entertained, 'Let's Learn Arabic with Zaky' includes voice only songs by various nasheed artists from around the world such as Zain Bhikha, Abdullah Rolle and Hussein Kalla.

- New Voice only songs
- Guess what the animal is?
- Bonus Video clip: Prophet Yunus song
- Pal: Region ALL

    ecode : 62556 
    Size : 48minscm
: 100 gm / 0.22 lbs
    Stock :  24 in stock
    Price : $21.10    was $0.00


Ali and Sumaya Lets Pray (DVD)

Ali and Sumaya Lets Pray DVD explains step by step why and how to pray in a fun and simple way. With beautiful recitation that will inspire your kids to love to pray, insha'Allah.

No Musical instruments were used in this production

Includes: Story of Salah, Wudu, Athaan, Salah, Quiz and much more. (Total Running time 54 mins).

Region: 2 PAL UK

    ecode : 63060 
    Size : 54 minscm
: 105 gm / 0.23 lbs
    Stock :  out of stock
    Price : $26.38    


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