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Tungsten Square Kufic Style Allah Ladies and Mens Islamic Jewellery Ring

Tungsten Square Kufic Style Allah Ladies and Mens Islamic Jewellery Ring      

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Tungsten Square Kufic Style Allah Ladies and Mens Islamic Jewellery Ring

Our Price: $52.78

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ecode 59597 
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Weight 45gm / 0.10lbs
Stock 24 in stock
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Added on May 2009
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Please click here for the printable sizing chart. Place your existing ring on the printed chart to find out your size.

Important: Before printing the chart make sure to read the instructions carefully so that printing is done at 100% size rather than a reduced size which will lead to inaccuracies.

Available in sizes T/8.5 (small), U/9.5 (medium) or V/10.5 (large), each with a 10mm width band.
View size chart here

Beautifully made new Tungsten Kufic Ring. This ring is made of pure Tungsten silver. The Kufic style Arabic script is engraved onto to the ring displaying a beauitful kufic arabic effect. The weight of the ring shows the quality of this product.

Tungsten Carbide is the hardest metal on earth with the highest melting point. 4 times harder then titanium, 5 times harder then steel, 10 times harder then 18k gold. The only metal that can be permanently polished and scratch-proof. A lovely gift for your brother, husband or father.

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   Customer Ratings    
Comment/Review Absolutely loved the ring and the service 7/18/2014 9:16:20 PM

review by:
User Henna Hussain 
This is the first time I have purchased a product from, and mashallah, I will certainly shop from them again. A swift and reliable service. The ring, mashallah was exactly how I thought it would be. Beautiful to wear and I wear it with pride. It matched exactly how it was photographed on the website. Jazak Allah Khair for an amazing service
Comment/Review Brilliant 3/24/2014 7:00:06 PM

review by:
User James Prioleau 
The ring was delivered before the estimated date of arrival, which was perfect. I only wish that there were more things to choose from in the men's jewelry section
   Product Comments / Questions & Answers  
Are there any rings in Small size ? My Ring finger Circumfrence is 58 mm. Also who do the size guide work ? how do we read T/8.5 (small), U/9.5 (medium) or V/10.5 (large) What are these numbers after the letters ? I don't know how they match on the size guide chart. How much for shipping to Australia
By Esa on 29.10.2009
I will e-mail you the size guide. I think the Circumfrence is 58 mm is not right. in any case please check your size with attached e-mail. shipping charge depends on the weight.
By Customer Services on 29.10.2009
salams. i am looking for the Tungsten Square Kufic Style Allah Mens Islamic ring. My qustion is : do you offer size 10 or not ?. please let me know as soon as passible. Thank you
By Mosab Omar on 28.01.2010
We can probably get it for you in size 9 3/4 would that do? (That is size T on our website)
By Customer Services on 07.02.2010
Salam I would like to buy this ring just having trouble this size but just wanted to noe if u can engrave it
By Isha on 27.08.2012
We do not offer personalised engravings as these are ordered from a separate supplier.
By Customer Services on 28.08.2012
Asalamolaykum, I thought men were only allowed to wear rings made of Silver in Islam. Is the wearing of other metals not forbidden for men? Please clarify.
By Tahir Mahmood on 27.05.2009
From other comments we have had I believe it depends on the madhab you follow. In some it is allowed others it is not.
By Customer Services on 28.05.2009
What is the largest ring size you have? can you please email me a size chart? thank you
By Yusuf on 26.02.2010
Here is the size chart, but different rings have different size availibilty
By Customer Services on 26.02.2010
what is the price in ringgit malaysia?
By Nur Sitihawa on 22.01.2012
Please google currency convertor to find the price.
By Customer Services on 22.01.2012
When will you be getting more sizes in?? How long till you get size v??
By Habiba Munim on 21.10.2010
We have not placed any orders for this particular ring. I believe you need the size for a replacement. We will try to order you 1 in especially. Please confirm.
By Customer Services on 21.10.2010
Selamunaleykum .I recently ask I quastion about the /ring size U on tungsten square Kufic ring ,I recived a e-mail ,that say .this size U it's avalible ,but when I check the size on options it's not there ,if you please send me a product cod .thank you .
By Sali Ali on 21.05.2010
Unfortunately, the size is out of stock. When the mail sent to you that time the size U was available.
By Customer Services on 22.05.2010

Please could i return the ring for another size- R 1/2 - which you do have in stock.

Please let me know the return address


By punock on 21.01.2014
Asalaam and Hello. No problem, please just return with a short note stating your name, address order no. / ebay ID and the size you require and we will sort that out for you. Thanks. Returns Dept. 4 Corners UK Ltd. Unit 7, Crown Point Ind. Park, King St. Denton, Greater Manchester. M34 6PG United Kingdom
By Customer Services on 22.01.2014
Hi, your ring sizes seem to be incorrect as they do not match up with any international conversion charts, could you please explain how you determine your sizes as this makes it very difficult to order. I am in the ihe UK and the letters that you have put e.g. (T) does not match up with the uk measurements in cm or mm, I know because i have a UK ring sizer....
By Najib on 20.10.2012
The ring size chart was given to us directly from the manufacturer of the rings. Deen Carrier. If you would like to direct this message to them, please submit your message by clicking on this link:
By Customer Services on 22.10.2012
Do you have this ring available in size O please? If not how long will it take to make?
By henna on 20.06.2014
Asalaam No unfortunately we don't have size O and unfortunately we don't expect to restock this item.
By Customer Services on 23.06.2014
Can you ship to Bangladesh?
By Omar Faruq on 19.08.2011
Yes, inshallah we ship worldwide.
By Customer Services on 20.08.2011
Aslaam, Is it good for boy 7 to 9 years old ? Icoudn't get the size! would you pleas helpe me with the siz? Thanks Asma
By ASMA on 18.06.2010
Yes, its good. Please, follow the link for size. Thanks
By Customer Services on 18.06.2010
Hello. Could u tell me whats exactly engraved on the ring? I want to suprise my husband but he doesn't want to have God's name written on his ring.
By Agnes on 15.08.2011
Yes this says Allah in arabic.
By Customer Services on 16.08.2011
Assalamu Alaykum I would like to order this ring, but in the order form only the sizes M1/2, N1/2, P1/2 and X1/2 are available. I am looking for any of the following sizes: R, R1/2, S, S1/2, or T. Please let me know ASAP if they are available Jazakallah Khayr
By Naved on 15.08.2010
I am hoping these sizes will be available shortly, may be within next 2 weeks InshALLAH.
By Customer Services on 15.08.2010
When will size S 1/2 be available?
By Rumsey Butaineh on 13.01.2010
We can order that for you, but will have to process your order manually, which will start with the payment. If you wish to purchase this item please access the page below: 1. Select your currency and enter the amount 2. Press submit and complete your credit card details as required on the following 'secure' pages. 3. Once you have completed the transaction, please inform us by email.
By Customer Services on 13.01.2010
Hi. Im writing from South Africa. I like the look of the ring with Kufic writing, and was wondering whther it is possible to have any name engraved on it. I am looking for a wedding ring for myself and would like a tungsten silver ring with the name "Halima" (in arabic) engraved on it, in the same style as Allah's name appears on the ring. I don't know how the sizes work on your site, but in SA my size is O1/2 ( alpha O and a half). Please let me know if this is possible and what the cost would be, shipping included. Jazakallah
By Hoosain on 12.08.2009
We receive the rings as they are - we are unable to customize.
By Customer Services on 15.08.2009
i have requested for about a long time for a size 9 1/4 in US size and i have not received any reply, when will it be in stock and when will i be notified. thank you
By areig on 11.02.2013
i have requested for about a long time for a size 9 1/4 in US size and i have not received any reply, when will it be in stock and when will i be notified. thank you
By areig on 11.02.2013
We have not received any email apart from this one that you desire this in 9 1/4. As we have already placed and received our order from our suppliers, we will not receive this in stock until we place our next order in 4-6 months time.
By Customer Services on 11.02.2013
I am interested in purchasing this ring. MY husband lives in the united states and wears a size 15, what size would that be on your chart? if you do not carry his size do you make the rings bigger? also how much would shipping cost to the states?
By ms dixon on 09.06.2012
Unfortunately, our biggest size is 14 1/2 US size. However this is out of stock although this can be ordered from our suppliers for you. I'm afraid we cannot do a bigger size. To ship to the US costs: $2.77 Standard Airmail.
By Customer Services on 11.06.2012
Salamun alaikum, I'd like to find out if you have a size M of your tungsten square kufic style ring I need a size M. I tried using the size request box, but it didn't seem to work. Also, if you have the right size, how long would it take to deliver?
By Abdur Rahman on 07.03.2013
I am afraid we do not have this in size M. We do have this in Size M 1/2 however we would recommend getting professionally sized to find the right fit for you. Unfortunately, as we have recently made a bulk order for a collection of these rings from our suppliers, we will not be making another order for the next few months. As their policy have changed we can no longer order individual rings. Delivery times usually takes from 3-5 working days.
By Customer Services on 08.03.2013
I want to make this ring my wedding ring. Can you engrave or write my wife's name inside in Arabic ? Thanks
By Adam on 04.08.2012
I'm afraid we do not offer customised items as this is ordered directly from the supplier.
By Customer Services on 06.08.2012
When will be ın stock
By Ali on 02.11.2012
We have this item in stock. If you require a specific size which is not in stock, please let us know and we will put an order in to our suppliers. We will then notify you that it is in stock so that you can place your order.
By Customer Services on 05.11.2012
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The Prophet Muhammad (saw): A Role Model For Muslim Minorities
The Prophet Muhammad (saw): A Role Model For Muslim Minorities


Tungsten Square Kufic Style Allah Ladies and Mens Islamic Jewellery Ring Tungsten Square Kufic Style Allah Ladies and Mens Islamic Jewellery Ring 

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