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Al Quran Ul Hameed: With English Trans. - 46 CD Set

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Al Quran Ul Hameed: With English Trans. - 46 CD Set
Abdul Basit Samad

List Price: $74.99

Our Price: $49.49

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ecode 53155 
Weight 1300gm / 2.87lbs
Media Compact Disc
Stock 5 in stock
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Added on Jun 2003
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A complete recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Abdul Baset Abdus Samad . Translation Voice : Naeem Sultan. English Translation : Marmaduke Pickthal. lIndividual CDs packed in printed card sleeves. Separate tracks for each surah. When playing with windows media player the title of each surah is displayed.

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   Customer Ratings    
Comment/Review Purchase of Quran recitation with translation 12/8/2009 11:00:19 AM

review by:
User asad  
This is an amazing product for me. Been looking for this product to listen to Quran and meaning when travelling, in spare time, etc. Qari Abdul Basit is well known for his excellent recitation but the audio translation is good as well. I think it is a good way of increasing your knowledge in Islam but also quite peaceful too. Good service from Simply Islam and a great product.
Comment/Review Qu'ran with English translation 9/11/2008 9:33:38 AM

review by:
User Ibraheem Tunau 
Comment/Review Perfect! 5/4/2006 11:29:27 AM

review by:
User Adnan Ali 
Mashaallah, this is just what I wanted. I spent a very long time searching for this. Tajweed recitation with English translation and found it here. The other closest match was on sale in the USA at nearly double the price. Thank you for providing an invaluable service. May Allah (swt) bless your work. Amin. The only request I have is that this large CD compliation should be released in a travel case - most people would want to carry this sort of material around easily and listen on the move, eg car. Thanks and Wa salaam.
   Product Comments / Questions & Answers  
Assalaamu Calaykum, I would like to know what media format are the CDs, please. i.e WAV: standard CD audio files which can be played on all or most stand-alone CD players, in-car CD players, home stereos, PCs and so on. WMA: Which can only be played on PCs etc with Windows Media Players (hence WMA). MP3: Only with modern CD players with MP3 playing capabilities. Thanks.
By jamsah on 31.03.2013
This will be the standard CD audio which can be played in the car, home stereo and on the computer including WMA. It is not in MP3 format. Hope that helps.
By Customer Services on 02.04.2013
I need Quraan kareem with urdu translation by Quariabdulbaset please let meknow so that i can place order.thanks.
By Abu M. Khan. on 30.04.2004
Al Quran Ul Raheem: With Urdu Translation - 35 CD Set By Abdul Basit Samad ecode: 52601 $59.93
By Customer Services on 04.05.2004
I would like to buy the CD set Al Quran with English Translation. I am in London pls let me know how long it will take to reach me your delivery. Jazakamullah
By Fahim on 28.05.2004
As we are based in Manchester UK, delivery is usually within 2-3 days, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 28.05.2004
when will this item be available? Currently shown as out of stock
By Khalid Shariff on 26.07.2005
It will hopefully be available at the end of September. For all the out-of-stock items on our website you have the option of adding your email address on the product's information page. By doing so you will be automatically notified as soon as we update our stock records for these items on our website.
By Customer Services on 27.07.2005
Im looking cds or cassettes of Quran recitation by Qari Khushi Mohammad and urdu translation by Shakir Qasmi,if you have them i would like to purchase, Thanks, Yasin
By Yasin Arain on 26.07.2003
Sorry for the late reply, but there is a problem with your request. Both names you have mentioned are reciters of the Quran, neither of them have wrote any urdu translations.
By Customer Services on 29.07.2003
The audio sample does not work. I'd like to hear it before I buy it.
By Afaaf on 25.06.2004
I have just tried and it is working. We are just in the processes of sending out the special offer email and therefore there may be a high usage at the site at this present time so please give the link sometime to loead, or try again later.
By Customer Services on 25.06.2004
When will this product be in stock I would like to buy
By Noha on 25.05.2013
In order to be informed automatically by email when an item is re-stocked, please browse to the products information page and enter your email address in the space provided on that page.
By Customer Services on 28.05.2013
El Salmo Alykuom, would you please advice me, if the CD work on cars CD players ? Best of Sallam Walid
By Walid Omeir on 23.07.2009
yes it does.
By Customer Services on 24.07.2009
do you have any complete quran recitation and english translation by any imam of mecca or madina.
By amirul on 23.01.2005
No, I am afraid we do not have any translations of these 2 sheikhs.
By Customer Services on 24.01.2005
do you have any slow reciting Qur'an with English transalation for beginners?
By nasima on 22.11.2003
No, unfortunately not - just Arabic only
By Customer Services on 24.11.2003
Salam oelaikum dear brothers, I want to order this item, but do you have it still in stock? I live in the Netherlands, do you have a estimate how long this take to get this deliverd? Many thanks,
By Samir on 22.04.2011
We have 1 in stock and delivery can take upto 5 days
By Customer Services on 26.04.2011
ASA, I have owned this item for years. Over the years a few of the CDs have been lost/left. Is it possible to just pay for replacement CDs. I.e. #s 1303, 1305, 1309, 1311, and 1338 to complete my set?
By Aisha A. Muhammad on 21.08.2010
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We have the complete set. If we will give you the cds you required. The rest of our cds will be useless. Sorry for that. Thanks
By Customer Services on 21.08.2010
do you let us listen to the songs of Raihan?
By Farah Melydia Bt. Che Bahman on 19.06.2003
I am afraid that we have no facilities for sound clips on web site
By Customer Services on 23.06.2003
Please update me when this item will be re-stock.
By Siraj Siddiqui on 18.03.2006
We are now expecting this set towards the end of April.
By Customer Services on 19.03.2006
Asslaumalykum. Have you this exact copy of Qari Abdul Bassit in this voice(mujawwad) but without english translation. Just pure qiraat. Very sought after. I've been looking for months. If you have please reply soon. or if you can get before ramazan. jazakhallah
By Imran on 15.09.2006
We have item 52600 Al Quran Ul Karim: Al Mushaf-ul-Murtal - 27CDs
By Customer Services on 18.09.2006
could you send me a sound sample of this productAl Quran Ul Hameed: With English Trans. - 46 CD Set Abdul Basit Samad. so that i can compare it with the sample of the 48 cd tafseer set before i decide which to would however be easier to put a sample on the webpage as you have done on your latter product.
By ASIF on 11.01.2004
As we were looking for the set in order to upload a sound sample we realised the set was out of stock. Unfortunately we will not have any fresh stocks of this product until April.
By Customer Services on 12.01.2004
I am looking Holy Quaran in CDS or Cassettes, Arabic reading by Qari Khushi Mohammad and english translation by Shakir Qasmi, If you have I would like to buy,Looking forward for you reply, Thanks, Yasin
By Yasin Arain on 09.08.2003
I think you may have asked this question before. Please note that we do have the quran recited by both people you have mentioned in separate CD sets. However Shakir Qasmi does not translate the Quran into english. He is a reciter of the Quran like Qari Khushi Mohd.
By Customer Services on 11.08.2003
This is regarding The CD Number SQ CD 1331 And SQ CD 1346. These cd's are identical. I was wondering if you could please send me the right cd of SQ cd 1331. *The Print is Ok but the Sura is the samething was on SQ CD 1346. I could not change it beacause the store didn't have one. My I POD is missing the whole SQ CD 1331 My Address is 5- 12500 Trits Rd Richmond, BC V7E 3R7 CANADA 604-725-2395 Thanks--Shukra Assalamu-aleykum
By Aman W. Budicha on 09.07.2005
I am afraid if we did this we would spoil our set and would be unable to sell it.
By Customer Services on 11.07.2005
Is it not possible to get an audio sample of this set, please?
By Mustafa Baxter-Ameen on 09.06.2004
Ok, inshallah I will try to sort that out today, inshallah.
By Customer Services on 10.06.2004
i need C D QURAN
By abduljabar on 09.06.2003
yes, this is the complete CD set of the Koran
By Customer Services on 10.06.2003
i would like to know about the arabic.
By Kishori on 08.10.2005
It is a slow Tajweed recitation
By Customer Services on 08.10.2005
do you have this cd
By rasheeda abdur-rasheed on 07.05.2006
Yes, at this time we have 3 in-stock.
By Customer Services on 08.05.2006
Do you have this quranic recitation by Abdul Basit in his wonderful sweet thin voice.
By Banire Abdul Latif on 07.05.2004
This set is by Abdul Basit with Englsih translation. If you require the recitation only then please take a look at item ecode: 52601
By Customer Services on 08.05.2004
how is the quality of these cds... i want the recitation with really good quality .. i know there are some ot there even on cds having bad quality sound
By Irfan Khan on 07.01.2004
Inshallah we will add the audio sample for early next week.
By Customer Services on 08.01.2004
How are you my brother sami,are you fine,my name is omar echaachouai,my questions is whate do you like in the Islame?whate the differentes about Islame and other ?
By "omar echaachouai" on 06.07.2005
How are you my brother sami,are you fine,my name is omar echaachouai,my questions is whate do you like in the Islame?whate the differentes about Islame and other ?
By "omar echaachouai" on 06.07.2005
Asalam alaekum. Alhamdulillah,wa salat wa salam a'la rosulillah. How much will it cost somebody living in Ivory Coast the Al Quran Hameed with Eng. trans.set of Abdul Basit. And how will you send it.
By Tohir Bukhari on 04.12.2004
To discover the shipping charge for your order, add the required items to your cart and select your location. Please note shipping is charged @ cost. There are no handling charges. Delivery Times: We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt, or otherwise advise via email. UK: Within 3 days Europe: Within 7 days USA : between 5 -10 days Rest of the World: 10 - 21 days
By Customer Services on 06.12.2004
hei you send me the cd,s to norway og how much by krone norsk.
By on 02.12.2003
The approx. cost inc. postage to Norway is 730 NOK
By Customer Services on 03.12.2003
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Al Quran Ul Hameed: With English Trans. - 46 CD Set Al Quran Ul Hameed: With English Trans. - 46 CD Set 

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