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Para Set 1-30 (individually bound)

Para Set 1-30 (individually bound)       

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Para Set 1-30 (individually bound)

Our Price: $17.25
ecode 1923 
Weight 4665gm / 10.29lbs
Media Book
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Binding Hard Bound
Added on Sep 2003
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The complete Quran in individual hardbound vols. Large Clear writing in Indo-Pak script

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   Product Comments / Questions & Answers  
Assalamu Alaikum, Just enquiring on the script of writing in this Para set. Is it written in standard Arabic writing/Uthmani script. or Persian style script?
By Ajani Willis on 22.10.2004
Inshallah we will get an inside page scan for this soon. The script is not the Uthmani script it is the Indian / Pakistan script with ruled lines.
By Customer Services on 22.10.2004
Assalalm-u-Alaikum, Do you have any sets like this one I can get that are in standard Arabic script? Ajani
By Ajani Willis on 22.10.2004
No, I am afraid we do not have this set in the Middle Eastern script.
By Customer Services on 23.10.2004
Does this para set come in a box or container for effective keeping and avoiding loss or damage to the qur'an paras. Please advise Jazakallah Nadia
By Nadia on 20.08.2011
No, unfortunately the set is without a box.
By Customer Services on 20.08.2011
Salam Is this in simple arabic writing for the children to read or thejoined up arabic?
By shakera mohammed on 12.10.2004
The text is in large bold lettering with separating horizontal lines. This type print is associated with the Indian subcontinent.
By Customer Services on 12.10.2004
Salam. This Para set, is it the quran but in parts?
By sis Mumtaz Khanum on 10.10.2011
Yes, complete Quran in parts.
By Customer Services on 10.10.2011
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Healing Body & Soul


Para Set 1-30 (individually bound) Para Set 1-30 (individually bound)  

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