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Human Development As Revealed In The Quran & Sunna

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Human Development As Revealed In The Quran & Sunna

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Mohammed Albar

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Size 21x15 cm / 8.27x5.91 inches
Weight 200gm / 0.44lbs
Media Book
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Pages 149
Binding Paper Back
Added on Mar 2002
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Surah 23, Verses 12-14: "We created man from the quintessence of mud. Thereafter, We cause him to remain as a drop of sperm in a firm lodging (i.e. the womb). Thereafter We fashioned the sperm into something that clings (Alakah), which We fashioned into a chewed lump (Modgha). The chewed lump is fashioned into bones which are then covered with flesh. Then We nurse him unto another act of creation. Blessed is God, the best of artisans." This concise book pinpoints the cycle and stages of human development as it is revealed in the Holy Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. The book's main purpose is to expose the miracles of the Holy Qur'an and the Hadith in embryology. Discussion involves the embryological terms used in the Holy Qur'an and Hadith, reproduction, the male reproductive system, the female reproductive system, meiosis, fertilization, a brief look into the history of embryology, the nutfah, the alakah, the modgha, bone and flesh formation, the sex of the embryo, giving the shape and form, development of the ears and eyes, and more. Includes numerous illustrations and photographs.

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Salaam do u know when this book will come back into stock ? Or anyalternative places this book could be purchased ?
By Leemon Choudhury on 22.10.2005
It has been out of print for sometime. We have tried to purchase it from different sources without success.
By Customer Services on 22.10.2005
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