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Download Free Islamic Clipart & Calligraphy

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Islamic Clipart
Download Free Islamic Clipart & Calligraphy Here free Islamic Clipart images
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Islamic Calligraphy
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Web graphics, animated & 3d images, backgrounds, arabic caligraphy
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A very important note (especially to non-Muslims): Many clipart here are considered sacred in that they contain the name of Allah (God) in Arabic and other Holy Qur'anic text, and as such, are subject to utmost care and respect. Handling the Qur'anic text for Muslims alone involves a bodily purification (ablution) first (for every use). It's better that you not download and print any calligraphy for reports, articles, or presentations, as improper handling, disposal, or maintenance, is considered extremely disrespectful and abusive and many would argue, sinful. I would recommend using pictures of Mosques and rugs, etc. instead of any calligraphy, which almost always has Qur'anic text. Your cooperation is appreciated