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   About Us Celebrates 10th Anniversary celebrates a decade of providing Islamic books and products to Muslims around the globe in 2011. was the first Islamic shopping website in the UK. Its aim was to provide the widest range of Islamic goods at the very best prices with a level of service and customer commitment never before seen.

Ten years on, with over 250,000 items dispatched to customers from around the world, we like to think we have achieved our original goal. Our customer commitment is highlighted by unprecedented live, un-edited customer testimonials; a system not even adopted by the largest and most respected e-commerce websites. We are immensely proud of our 98% satisfaction rating, which in real terms means that out of every 100 customers who responded, 98 would consider shopping with us again, mashallah!

Established in November 2001 in Manchester, UK, is widely considered as a pioneer within the industry. The website is amongst the most advanced and offers visitors the largest feature set of any Islamic e-commerce website. An area in which is unrivalled is the commitment to offering the very best promotions and offers to the online Muslim shopping community. Our shoppers have saved tens of thousands of pounds / dollars by shopping with We operate an opt-in weekly email newsletter that announces all our latest offers.

Another feature the company prides itself is maintaining one of the largest and varied ranges of Islamic product catalogues available anywhere on the Internet. Products include, Islamic books, hijab scarves, abayas, men’s clothing, gifts, digital Qurans, Azaan clocks, Kalonji Black seed oil, Islamic jewellery, Keffiyeh Scarves, Islamic Canvas art prints and many, many more religious items. We currently store our massive range in a dedicated brand new 2000 sq. ft warehouse based in East Manchester, UK. From our warehouse we also conduct wholesale supply of products to other Islamic shops and businesses.

A recent development within the business is the launch of a brand new range of innovative and desirable products with the 'Islamic Factor'. Products that are comparable with those sold through mainstream outlets, but have the added benefit that they reflect the Islamic tradition. Talking Muslim teddy bear, Names of Allah Mugs, Islamic Canvas Art, Muslim Doorbell, Salat Picture Blocks are just some examples of products that we have manufactured. These products are marketed under the brand of

With our years of experience we feel we are better equipped to fulfill the shopping needs of the Modern Muslim. Our systems of product procurement, distribution and presentation via our website are highly developed and our customer service charter is leading the way in the industry. It has been a privilege servicing the religious shopping requirements of the online Muslim community for the last ten years. We pray that we may continue to do so for decades more.

Atif Darr
Founder and Managing Director / 4 Corners UK LTD
Unit 7 Crown Point Ind. Park
King Street, Denton
Greater Manchester
M34 6PG
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)161 336 1441


Asalaamu alaikum
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Asalaamu alaikum

Hilmy the Hippo: 3 book collection
Hilmy the Hippo: 3 book collection


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